The virus is spreading to SA!

So i noticed a few days ago a server on SA, not Kazeros, with the “busy” status. I didnt make a big deal of it at the time. But yesterday… there was 3 servers with the “busy” status, so it clicked…

BOTs are spreading to SA servers!!! For those who dont know, Lost Ark SA never actually had much trouble with bots. No huge queues, no chat spams and only a few bots running here and there.

But now it seems that the entity known as the BOT Hivemind have become big enough to spread to SA. God help us.

Bot hivemind, if you can hear me, pls go no further, halt your hostile takeover. SA currencies are worth nothing and AGS didnt apply region prices here.

On a serious note, prepare SAers, bots are incoming.


Yeah, ive seen the issue on na east as well. Servers that rarely showed as busy 3 days back are showing as busy even at unsociable hours. Ags need to lock older servers and merge players after ban waves.

Keep the bots in the new servers, ban them, lock those new servers wait a couple of weeks to pick up the remaining bots then merge again. Rinse and repeat as they feel they need new servers.

Bots just cover the loss in real players for AGS lol.

sa ?

South America :wink:

When it will be tragic : when even EUW servers will all be busy :’)


oh thx. i play on europe central. thats why i didnt know that sa is south america

2 weeks ago there were several days when Moonkeep EUW was busy :slight_smile:

Why wouldn’t they? It’s easy cash with little consequences.

As I said in other topic: The day SA servers have queues, that means the server is dead. :frowning:

It’s been a while since some EUC servers are busy.
I’m on Wei and for now i didn’t experience any queue.

Can’t wait to feel like the start of the game ! :fearful: With some thousand people in queue.

and watching the curve, i have the feeling we dropped around 10k to 20-25k concurent players. (need to wait one more day to try to see it)

the difference between highest and lowest numbers is reducing slowly…

there is a worse situation : EUW queues :’)

I hope all you on all the other servers that have been constantly arguing with those of us on NA West start to feel the annoyance of what we have been dealing with for 2+ months now. Some of you all argued with us, told us to quit, told us to stop complaining, flagged us and got us banned on the forums. Welp, once you also start having 10k+ ques, you can start to understand our frustration. Good luck in your ques.

Funny enough 1 of EUW servers(Moonkeep) was busy last week. And now i see people with +20 weapons everywhere.

Buy blue crystal before they cost 1k

this is because there are hidden honing bonus/malus depending on the current population the server you are in :wink:

Oh you’re actually pretty late, there are loads of RMTers at SA already. Not naming anyone but there are a few 1500+ with 10 gems and full relic. Unless they are billionaires, since 1 US$ = 5BR$ (so we kinda pay 5 times more than any other server) going full whale here is kinda ridiculous using the Royal to gold system.
RMT is the prevalent thing in South America since we pay so much more than any other server so why pay 25k BR$ (5k US$) for like 500k gold if you can buy from RMT for like 700US$ (3.5k BR$)?
And it’s pretty much fcking our game economy. Every single relic Item I’ve been bidding has been won for over 50k and some are being sold over 100k and I just cant compete because I generate around 22k gold weekly. Lost of people with +20 weapon (one friend who blatantly said how much he spent on RMT on our discord which was the same amount to buy a motorcycle).
RMT is seriously bad in NA/EU but its worse in SA.