The way AGS treat the EU is ridiculous

First of all, stop doing all of your maintenance work during our peak times. It’s all very well and good that it’s late in NA, but you’re doing things in the middle of the day for us over on EU, and I’ve never played a game that does this crap.

Second of all, get your timers in check. The Proceon Compass timers are completely out of sync with the calendar timers. The islands being displayed are inaccurate for Adventure Islands, and if I hover my mouse over an island to see what time it spawns - hey guess what, that’s wrong too. It’s almost as though you took the American times and compass and made a copypasta of all of that over our EU client. Hmmm…

And lastly:

The forums tell me it’s 7am, the server shuts down at 8am, and the maintenance message says 11pm.

These are 3 completely different times, yet they all mean the same thing.

Just use server time, it’s getting beyond stupid at this point.



Sort it out lads, clocks and timezones are not a new invention. I appreciate this launch has been smoother than New World and the game itself is in fantastic shape from what I’ve seen in my 70 hours playing, but basic things like this really should be sorted.

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When I saw the announcement, I was like Ok 11 PM whatever … I’m greatful they announce it in advance so I can plan doing my chaos dungeons and guardian raids …

5 minutes later … I had an idea that they are just so stupid they can’t even put there what time zone it is realted to … so I hurried to finish my guardian raids … I killed first one and had about 10 minutes to do the second … I was thinking … should I keep the soul for tomorrow? And then the message appeared “RESTART IN 30 MINUTES” … So I went in to finish it and got disconnected in the middle of the fight because the restart WAS IN 5 MINUTES INSTEAD!!! … how do we expect them to make a proper game when they can’t even announce maintenance correctly … hilarous company

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The shape of the game has NOTHING to do with AGS. AGS just ruins game experience by “hotfixing” on release day to crash servers for 12h and patching on a sunday morning in europe…