The way re-entry ticket being issued needs to change

It is not working as intended. as per the post from @Roxx

Those affected by the server outage NA WEST on 5/28/22 should all be eligible for re-entry tickets. I did not receive an entry ticket and this was a verified outage. Don’t even get me started on those affected week one of Valtan for verified server crashes. I posted about this elsewhere on the forum and received this response

I’m upset at the quote “Within 48h you should get the entry ticket, If after the time passes you did not get the entry it means you were not eligible.”

How could I possibly not be eligible for a re-entry ticket when the crash was even COMPENSATED!? Everyone was given compensation for said crash BC IT WAS NOT OUR FAULT. please escalate this and get everyone their tickets. I spend money on this game and this does not feel good to know the game I love and spend my time and money on is not going to fix a major issue that has gated progression, to an extent.


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Because of a crash, they won’t reopen a Legion raid nor refund anything that has been redeemed by event etc.

if you spend a ticket, like they say if not refunded by 48 hours timer, you are not eligible for it.

if they had to, it would consume tons of time.

For Valtan, the boss wont run away try again next week. Sometimes it is smart to not instant go into event when the servers are back open recently try in the weekend or at time peaks the server population is not big.

Crash is not nice to have, but it could happen, even to me it happen a few times. Yet i deal with it and accept it, it’s still a game.

Hey @Jxpwn great to see you again, hope you’re doing great!

I’m really sorry for this situation overall I know how much effort is put into the game and I totally understand your frustration. If you say it was for an outage on our end and you did not received the ticket after the 48h time frame, refer to the following link:

As well appreciate those kind and knowledgeable words from @InochiEsDi, thank you!

Hope it’s helpful and see you soon on Arkesia!

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