The weakly limit should be CHANGED

Please Change Abyssal Dungeon/ Legion raid Limit. doing it once every 7 days is just too much , waaay too much . we are fine with a much lower % chance to get rewards or you could make it 6 entry tries per roaster instead as most of us hate the idea to create another alt just to enter them . I created my class for a reason no need to make 6 other alts just to enter the content .

edit : very much aware with the pass

~ I think a mix of the above will do as it is more reasonable to the change to make the 6 entry tries with a % much lower rewards into the roaster instead of blocking the character after one single entry for a full week

Welcome TheFey,

Since the game encourages you to play with alts (ground system of the game) its not likely to happen to this point. I see your point but since the game is all around twinking (look into your fortress for more details) Im sure it struggles you to play diffrent chars (under the aspect you maybe dont like the playstile etc.) but since there are not all classes out yet… maybe in the future there will be more intressting classes for you to play!

Since the game does not resolve arround getting to t3 asap its not that big problem only doing it in a weekly limit cause its not the main part of the game. If you need further information with what to do with your time i could happily provide you with many stuff to do instead of going into the dungeons :slight_smile:

Have Fun in LA dont let you be bothered by a weekly limit if you got so much other stuff you can do !

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