The website Release page updated and says Aprils update is out now

Amazon’s website “Release” page shows Aprils update has been released. Someone forgot to tell the person running the website that the patch has been delayed.

So there is your proof that amazon is lying saying they never intended this week to be the April update. Not sure why they can’t just own up to the fact they had to delay it instead of lying.


One big clown fiesta


I don’t see anywhere on that page that shows it has been released, I see “A new class arrives” which leads me to believe a new class will be here in April. We’re about halfway through April.

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Look on the page before it. It says Releases

Releases big at the top then says how she has arrived in game.

There’s the difference between “releases” (in the future) and “released” (is already here).

They could add a date to it though to not have confusion over it.

Wouldn’t it usually it’d be “Upcoming Releases” to avoid any kind of confusion since it does not have to mean future?

I mean overall it doesn’t matter, if anything it is just a bit funny. You know the one intern in charge of website management actually did their job on time and now is in trouble lol

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Releases is also the plural of Release (the noun not the verb)

While English is my second language, I am sure that it can be seen either way without having a sentence or other word with it.

And since we know it’s coming in the future, I guess it should be “upcoming releases” not “this weeks releases”, which are both viable.

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The word Releases implies both things that have been released and things also yet to be released. Agreed its not good wording but it does seem to be used in a context of “heres a list of all releases regardless of when they came out”.

What they should do is split the page so theres a section with already Released Content and another section titled Upcoming Content

Some of the most boring and interesting discussions were always a group of drunk professors arguing at my bar. I know my English is not great…it’s why I got into programming.

There is no “arrived” in the game, there is “arrives” which mean they will arrive or in the process of arriving.

I’m not really shocked anymore, that this is what confuses people.

What? It says releases and Argos is under the glaivier…its the page for released content into the game.

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Yeah if you look it shows multiple released content in lost ark, starting with Argos and ending with glaivier…Releases | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG

I fall under “bad wording” myself since now that they’re actually teasing Glaivier officially, they can have that big info page with the class, South Vern, and the Proving Grounds stuff.

People coming at AGS with forks and such delays are standard day in corpo world… F*ck ups with websites, too, those are different teams of people.

you’re missing the other page dude lmao Releases | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG

It lists all content that has been released in game, starting with ARGOS

I did see that page. That’s why I also actually went to look at April’s big info page listing all the stuff coming with the April patch.

Seeing as how I didn’t bother looking at the website until now, knowing Argos is there doesn’t help prove things one way or the other. As far as I know, they could’ve done the same thing: put the page up before it was actually out.

Yeah an absolute joke from Amazon yet again.

And this is why Grammar class is important.

What are you even implying?

Releases: Glaiver, Argos

on a website page for Released content into the game.

If you can’t put two and two together this is why math class is important.