The westernized SH change negatively impacts its gameplay

Unfortunately it used to be 14-16k not too long ago.

the books were 20+k. when i got my +12 o was buying books in range of 17-18k a book.


I bought my books back where they were 6-8k that was way before the change or the frog even.

People need to stop calling it blackwashing. Call it what it is, windowtint. The character isn’t even reflective of a real skin tone. This is a change that attempts to be neutral but offends both sides.

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At least make the hair white so I can see it. People of different skin tones still get white hair right?

The difference in hair colour is unsurprisingly important. The visibility of demonic is many times better with the bright white/platinum/grey (whatever you want to call it) shining hair.
For comparison, both of these images have the buff bar shown with 20 stacks of Poem of Salvation buff.

This is what a darkness affected Demonic looks like in KR, running from one side to the other.

This is what a darkness affected Demonic looks like in the western version, running from one side to the other.

As even an untrained eye could see, the visibility of the character is many times better in the original KR version of the game. This is only one of the many crucial parts of the Prokel fight, in which you have to be on high alert and have to have absolute control over your character’s positioning, failure may lead to death and a raid wipe.

This is only Prokel though. Due to the dark background in many other gates of the Brelshaza legion raid this is an issue that occurs quite consistently, since the main thing telling you apart from the background is a very badly visible, dark red flare around the characters body. This issue also occurs in other legion raids like vykas and valtan, but not to such a severe extent.

The issue is not whatever some other people in this forum say. I strongly believe that many people know about the questionable comments I am talking about.
The issue is that the change to Demonic in the west is so poorly done that it hinders its gameplay.
You know, the gameplay of especially that one legion raid that will be our content for well over 2/3 of this year alone, AND for a very long time afterwards.

Since AGS is likely not going to go back on this gameplay hindering change, even if it is a problem that has been created by themselves:
I’m hopeful that the KR balance patch on the 6th january will include a visual revamp / customisation of transformation classes (like this initial visual change for demonic), applying the looks of the human form Shadow Hunter to the Demonic form. At least this way people can have their Demonic look the way they want, whatever way they want.

This would make the playerbase happy, as they have free choice to customise their character (as it is intended to be) instead of a set visual being forced on them.
No more set skin or hair colour. You want her blue skinned with red hair? Sure, go for it. Darker skin with shining pink hair? Hell yes. Light skin with neon green hair? Absolutely your choice to make.

This is of course assuming that #1 this change actually comes to korea to begin with and #2 this patch will eventually make its way to EU/NA/SA without being altered by AGS.
Now let me inhale some Hopium, i need it.


18 days and no CM commenting received your feedback. Maybe another 18 days will do. But most probably they are ordered to ignore all westernization post.


actually bump I prokel solo on my sh and just realized why darkness felt sketch. I couldn’t put my finger on it before


So i asume there won’t be a statememt what they will do with it. They don’t care? Why they event changed that? If its westernization cóż of skin color its just pure rasism.
@Roxx we need to get statememt of what your going to do with it.

There been a statement ? Why are you looking for another one because you didn’t like the first one.

Your comment have no sense. Read what you wrote again please. Did i said i don’t like? There wasn’t even a statement to that problem of what they are going to do with it. So i just were asking. And, Its not about that i like IT or not… On the first hand its a gameplay problem that need to be solved.

What they did to SH was a demonstration AGS simply doesnt care for what the playerbase wants, their woke agenda is more important for them.

I got tired of all woke changes they made to this game, still you can still see blond Jederico and other blackwashed characters in memory chamber pics or in boss rush for example add to that the censored outfits.

Game became boring, repetitive, somehow toxic due gatekeeping, the economy is a fiasco and bots is a problem that AGS is trying to solve with stupid measures like the auction house limit or gold reduction for in game rewards and limited gold rewards to 6 characters in roster, that only harms players but no bots.

As a SH main, with an awful new demon form, I have decided to quit this game, I wish luck and a strong stomach to support more woke content and dumb measures to everyone who still plays this game.


usual up

We DI players really are taking Ls left right and center


This post got debunked already, nextttt
click here and move on



There’s highlight character outline option in the game settings for a reason.
How about using it?

Haven’t noticed you posted that >.>
Anyway, OP’s argument is not valid anymore.

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Yeah lol, imagine if i dye my skin pure black, make my character skin and hair black?


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Yeah sure, just enable some extra setting others don’t have to because of the garbage decision AGS made.
You guys sure are having fun defending AGS on every occasion possible.
I wasn’t aware i got a personal visit from r/gamingcirclejerk.

You’re actually unreal acting dumb