The worst part of the roadmap 'leak'

The actual classes ‘leaked’ aside, if they are intending to roll out 1 class per month that means it could potentially take up to October (this assumption doesn’t take into consideration specialists). Lets say someone is only playing this game because of scouter and we get the ‘official’ roadmap and it shows that they plan on releasing scouter in October, I wouldn’t be surprised if they quit the game until October or just quit the game entirely.

I truly hope that they take this into consideration and take a look at potentially rolling out classes more frequently, I understand they want to drip feed content in order to not overwhelm the players, but classes shouldn’t be the thing being drip fed, the raids/dungeons should.


1 class each month is hella better than 1 class every 2 months as Gold River initially said.
Its not realistic releasing all of them at once. They could release 2 classes per month i guess? xD

As long as the first class release is Destroyer I’m a happy Panda ^^.

Something you have to keep in mind is that the leak in no way shows the rate of class releases.

They are doing a rebalance/rework of all classes in the game in april, so that’s why the first new classes are coming out then, because they are being released after the rework.