The Wounded Pilgrim

The old man keeps telling me to investigate twilight isle and I cannot progress past this stage.

  • When I entered the island, I completed the quest from the kid before talking to the old man

  • There is no dungeon for me to enter at the chapel

I completed the "Investigate Twilight Ilse: quest " before i started the 2nd Awakening quests, i am now at the point where i speak to Quayside Oldman and can not progress because i can not redo the investigate twilight isle quest.
WHAT do i need to do to progress?

I am having this exact same problem.

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I was having this issue and realized that I had started the Twilight Isle questline on another character and never finished it. Once I switched characters and finished the quest I was able to advance this quest.

I have only one alt and I never even left Vernn with the character, so unfortunately I don’t think that one is the issue :frowning:

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I’m having the same issue! what a annoying bug!

I’m having the same bug here. The areas and NPCs wasn’t marked on the map, I’m having to follow a video about this quest for progress some steps but I’m stuck in the quest I have to put some guy to sleep with a mixed drink but in the area that I was supposed to interact for mix the drink as completely bugged and I saw everyone doing the quest normally except for me :’(

I actually find what to do in this part, I have to open my inventory and go to the Quest Items and click on the bottle of the drink to mix the ingredients. But the points that were supposed to be marked on the map wasn’t worked at all. To fix that I have to abandon the quest and accept and restart the quest. But I believe you can do the quest following steps from a video to know the locations you have to go to.

Which quest was this? Was this the wandering stranger quest?

I found the solution to my problem; I had to go to my quest journal and manually activate a quest which will either be name “Dusk’s Shadows” or “Dawn’s Call” and this will activate a dungeon portal. Finish the portal and you will be able to talk to the Old Man and continue to your awakening.

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Thanks! It worked.

Late to the game, but completing the island quest first allowed me to progress in this quest. Not sure if this is different if you don’t pick up the island quest, but it has to be completed to move forward in the “The Wounded Pilgram” quest

This is a fairly serious bug. I got stuck with no indication of why the quest wouldn’t progress. I shouldn’t have to come to the forums to learn that I have to go to Twilight Isle. What, exactly, was supposed to lead me there?

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