Theamine server

Hi guys,
Are there any real people playing in this server? All I see are bots…
There are not even msgs in the area chat. I’m lvl 45 recently arrived toArksesia…is this not the main city of the game where you do arenas pvp?

The main cities are North Vern and Punika at the moment. To some degree also Yorn and Feiton.
Everything else is bot infected clown fiesta.

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Thanks mate, this calms me down lol, hope to reach those cities soon to engage people!!

Enjoy your run. To encourage you even more I can add that I’m at the current endgame and there are plenty of people around. It’s very easy to find a party for dungeons and other co-op activities and I almost don’t see bots since they are doing lower-level areas.

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Thanks so much bro!