Then queue time will be fixed?


Just wanna ask then you planning to fix queue time’s?
Cuz if it’s will same in week or two , will be same as New World . Player’s start leaving cuz they (and myself) have work and stuff to do like normal .
There is allot ho using macros(hot key’s) how ever you call it. And staying in the game for day’s and not leaving the game. Or log in in the morning and just use it. Like the bs.
Be in the que for 8h to play 1h sorrry but this is bs.

  • i payed for that 3 day’s and played from that 3 day’s about 6h max.
    Plz fix this queue time’s , add more cap or smth.

thx for answer. :slight_smile:

auto kick every 3 hrs. will get rid of botters preventing afk kick

You mean auto kick full server after 3h ? :smiley:
if yes that’s bad idea .
imagine being kicked in middile of guardian or chaos dungeon :smiley: