There are a lot of new players interested in PvP. Let's not miss this chance and reward them properly. [THEY FIXED IT!]

Sorry I misunderstood. That makes a lot more sense given the context now.

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Btw @Laufie I’ve been wondering if you played bard in the preseason on RU? Your name is pretty familiar to me.

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Rewards based on percentages would never have to be adjusted. Adjusting numbers are what I would call a bandaid fix and bandaid fixes generally make for bad games. Don’t get me wrong, I love this game. I have played it quite a bit already and looked forward to playing it from the moment it has been released in Korea.

A buy-to-play game with a ton of negative sentiment at launch and continuing thereafter, with a current metacritic user score of 4.8 “Generally unfavorable”, peaked at 900,000 concurrent players worldwide. Based on that you think a free-to-play game with a proven track record in other regions could maybe be nearly as successful? I’m nowhere near being a fanboy and I expect Lost Ark will far surpass New World’s numbers, unless AGS can’t provide stable servers or makes the game too woke.

I do agree a million players in Lost Ark PvP in a single region soon is a stretch. That would be a “high quality problem” they can address if they reach that point.

I don’t disagree with what you’ve put forward there, but New World was touted to be the poster-boy game to represent Amazon Games, and as such was given so much more love and affection than they’ve shown Lost Ark. The amount of hype and influence it had surrounding it overshadows what we have over here for our game by quite some stretch. Whilst Lost Ark is Free-To-Play, it also has a lot of public hysteria surrounding it regarding the whole Pay2Win situation, and as such it’s going to turn people off, not to mention the fact that it has an anime artstyle which really turns a lot of people off too. Keep in mind these games are appealing to the same audience within the gaming space. I think if it hits 900,000 concurrent I’d be very pleasantly surprised. Stranger things have happened no doubt, but my expectations are lower than that.

EDIT: Also, keep in mind these are the overall numbers, again only a minority of the playerbase will explore PvP in depth.

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They should change the team death match map maybe add some side objectives too

How come?

I did! Probably my most played season :smiley:

This type of map is for 1v1, in 3v3s it just leads to a zerg fest. 3v3 is carried by the games combat system the map itself doesn’t have any positive qualities. For 1v1s it enables you and the other player to fully focus on each other with no obstructions in the way, but in 3v3 there’s just too much shit going on there needs to be obstacles or side objectives to slow down fighting and add more dynamic

I also don’t like team death match style pvp but that’s just me good casual mode but doesn’t feel competitive just like in every game

Don’t suppose you remember a bard called Scribble? I used to PvP a lot back then but kinda quit the day those Acrasium loot boxes came out.

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I used to feel that way too, I thought one-life Arena style PvP was a lot more competitive and team deathmatch felt a bit too arcadey, but once you get enough games under your belt you start to unearth the nuances of the mode and it becomes a lot more engaging, and ultimately, more competitive.

The game only feels like a zerg fest when everything is moving fast around you and people do not have a goal or understanding of classes and compositions. Once you start to accrue some knowledge and experience in the game, it slows down a lot in your mind and you focus more on the small plays that are happening and it doesn’t feel like a zerg fest at all at that point.

Games where you have a Battlemaster, Berserker and Infighter on one team and they all go for the same target, you’re typically going to have a bad time with a lot of ground AoE overlap making the game feel completely impossible, just as an example.

Also, just to mention, the only mode with an objective in it (Athertine arena) is typically seen as an extremely noncompetitive arena, and I’ve seen a bunch of people resent it when they get it in unranked games.

Holy shit I do actually remember Scribble hahahha wow that feels like it was ages ago…

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I actually had a little browse at the leaderboard and it’s just a completely different playerbase now for the most part. I still have all these videos with Lith, Quacky, Yamatoo, Sudden, Consul, Abaddon etc. I used to love our little community over on RU. Are you still playing bard?

Pvp is fine as it is. focus more on PvE.

Consider ceasing to exist casual

It has been fixed.


bump so amazon can fix the pvp being bugged, we get no currency and theres no vendor right now, we need to get this fixed soon before the game dies

I’m 90% sure these were around in the beta. Not sure why they are gone.

Ask me anything PvP related . i love pvp - #21 by OlderBadboy find some answers or help others with info you gained playing :stuck_out_tongue:

Yo no entiendo en jcj clasificarorio pierdes te quita de 40 a 30 puntos ganas y te da de 20 a 30. Tanta gente trabjando en este juego y no pueden tener una coorencia minima. Ojala lo revsien y no sean tan inconpetentes.

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