There are barely any rewards to incentivize exploration on the open-world

I have yet to find one chest in-game. There are a lot of long, winding maps (which I love) but when you get to the end of dead end paths there is nothing there. I know there are seeds and adventuring journal objectives, but I feel like the game would be greatly improved if there were chests or shrines like in Grim dawn around the map. Also killing a boss and getting 0 drops feels pretty shitty.


You’re right. I love the game, and I am playing it every day. But it is true that most of the maps, and more if you only do the main missions, you get the feeling that you are only chasing the high end, without having to stop to do something else. there are no really big incentives or prizes worth looking for. I know there are collectibles and items that together make up your main character, but in the end, nothing you can’t do when you reach the top level. yes, the story and cinematics are beautiful.

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Exploration of open world? I guess u didnt explore any island yet. Take your ship and go for an adventure. Big rewards from quests, every island is unique on his own and maybe u dont know but there are tones of hidden quest all around the world. If you stick to the main quest, you are correct, quest after quest until u hit max level and not much to discover.


So I haven’t gotten that far. I’m only lvl 14 or so. Its good to hear there is more exploration later on but I feel the beginning is the #1 thing that shouldn’t be neglected in that sense. Its the entire hook for new players and the world feels empty where I’m at.

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I know there’s 2 chests during the Glorious Wall campaign, one hidden behind fire and the other off in a room. Mokoko seeds (while not really important in beta atm) are also a nice thing to run around discovering.

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Yes, I agree, and it used to be different. Just look at their trailers from 2014, and you’d see that they had in mind a world where there was incentive to find secret locations and do other activities out in the field. But if you look at the game today in other regions, it has fallen prey to the same thing many MMOs do today - all condensed in one place and the outside is completely barren. Of course this isn’t entirely their fault, it’s also the will of the players that slowly drive every game to become this way. Even sailing used to be filled with activities, but people expecting Lost Ark to be more like Path of Exile kept complaining, so Season 2 axed every and all sailing content, leaving it to become a completely barren ocean with not a single of the original mechanics showcased in every single trailer leading up to the original launch in Korea.

So yeah, don’t expect this to get any better, we got a late version where player feedback has already tunnelvisioned this game into becoming an instanced raid simulator.


That really sucks. Why tf would people ask to streamline the game/remove content? CRPG style games are known for hunting loot, chests and other objectives through exploration. This game has none of the above. Very little amount of loot which all shares the same stats, no chests (until islands apparently) and the few objects there are like seeds are boring to collect.

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The game has a ridiculously huge ammount of rewards for exploration and you’ve likely walked past hundreds of them already just in your first few levels since you don’t know what to look out for.
There’s everything ranging from collectibles, treasure maps, chests, quests, lore, instances, cards, hidden passages and shortcuts around the maps, sheets of music required throughout the game, emotes, etc.
More often than not the rewards are permanent and account wide unlocked which are significantly more appealing in an mmo than a piece of loot u replace in 20m.

You can start to put somewhat of a dent into the collectibles after… about 3 months or so with dedicated gaming and knowing where stuff actually is.
There’s ton of stuff to find… oh, and bosses do drop stuff… you just have to find the right bosses :smile_cat:
Little skull mobs, uniques and field bosses all drop stuff

Yeah I see what you mean. I just haven’t found much of it maybe. I’m so used to games like Diablo or Grim Dawn where there are one or two chests per map and a lot more loot. Probably need to realize this game is aiming to be a different style. Regardless, in my opinion, the exploration doesn’t feel fulfilling from what I’ve seen (level 18). The combat is a lot of fun and the story is good so far but I feel like the open-world is lacking so far. All I can say is my opinion.

The loot system in lost ark is wayyyy different from Diablo or grim dawn. It’s like comparing the loot system of wow and cod, just doesn’t work :joy:
There is ALOT of stuff to do in terms of exploration, pressing “N” gives you a menu that can give you stuff from exploring and finding secret short quests, to making special consumables. Some of them are really good as they give stats and skill points

Yeah the loot system is closer to WoW than Diablo or Grim Dawn and I guess thats just what is bumming me out. I love cRPG games and this is a cRPG style MMO so I expected the loot system to… suck a bit less I guess. I thoroughly enjoy the game but I do not think the loot system is good SO FAR. There are very few pieces of gear, no uniques and all of the gear has the same damn stats per item level. Its just boring so far if you understand what I mean (the loot system). Not hating on the game at all this is just a feedback thread so I’m giving feedback

Guess you haven’t really explored too far out, because there is tons of islands that have quite decent rewards. upgrade materials, collectibles, different types of boosters that are permanent. Many of these are account-wide. I understand how it looks on the onset, but really a beta isn’t enough time to get your feet really wet w/ alot of this stuff. First impressions can be false

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Yeah thats fair. Thanks for giving counter arguments instead of just attacking me like a lot of people love to do haha. I’m definitely going to play at launch because the game is great and I’m having a great time.

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Yeah… lots of reason to explore. Collectibles (So many mokoko seeds) and the Adventure Journale stuff. Secret Areas, Hidden Quests. And man… once you unlock the ship…

I can totally see where you’re coming from, seeing as I’ve played Path of Exile for 3400 hours as of now.

If it means anything - the “itemization” does improve as you get to the endgame and especially when new content releases.

Assuming you know nothing else about the game and seeing as you were level 18, here’s the kind of itemization that unlocks later on:

  • Runes: special effects or modifiers that can be applied to each skill, these have different tiers/rarities for you to obtain.
  • Engravings: unique modifiers applied to your character that can be found on accessories, crafted onto rings or polished on stones of life. These can drastically alter the way your class plays by changing some core identity mechanics, or apply more general effects that can still be used to customize your playstyle (more back-attack damage, more stagger damage, faster attack/move speed, faster charge/wind-ups, lower ultimate cooldown, damage increase based on your movement speed, more frontal attack damage, many other things like that).
  • Stone of life: a piece of equipment that comes with two engravings and a “curse engraving”, and you can do some RNG crafting minigame to try to improve the positive engravings as much as possible - you’ll be doing these over and over ‘chasing’ the perfect stone.
  • Accessories: as mentioned before, all come with random combinations of positive and negative engravings.
  • Gems (we won’t have these at launch until T2): Items you slot in your accessories that have 10 levels that you slowly improve, these give you generic CD reduction and Damage increases on specific skills.
  • Tripod Upgrades (we won’t have these at launch until T3): Additional Lines that come with your equipment (not accessories) that improve the level of some of your tripods at random. You can transfer these lines from other pieces of gear to your current piece of gear, so you don’t have to worry about ditching gear and whatnot.
  • Set Effects: There will be 2-3 different sets at the endgame for each tier that may have unique enough effects to change your class playstyle (such as a Bard being able to play as DPS instead of Support).
  • Cards: Combinations of card set-effects that can apply some small bonuses to your character once the cards are awakened (move speed, crit rate, crit damage, converting your damage to an element, back attack damage, elemental damage, reduced damage taken, more healing, etc), these bonuses will take a long time to achieve as you have to ‘chase’ multiple copies of cards to awaken them.

Now, I know this is still vastly different from what you may expect or be used to, but even as an ARPG gamer there is still something to enjoy, optimize and customize in the itemization of this game.


only level 14…so the chef hasnt even cooked the food and you’re already complaining that you dont like it? oof and Yikes!.


Thank you for taking the time to type up such a detailed message. That is a lot more than I expected and I am excited to work toward these during launch! You’re awesome.

I’m lvl 20 now and I don’t feel it has gotten much better. I’m on a forum for feedback giving feedback. I’m not complaining. And even if it does get significantly better, I’m arguing that the early game needs work. Which you’d know if you read the rest of my posts on this thread. So you’re trying to give advice on an online form without actually reading the thread. Oof and yikes!

No problem, hope you have fun with the game ^^

PS: There is actually another piece of itemization I forgot to mention that unlocks at T3 content.

Bracelets: A minor accessory that doesn’t have many stats, but comes with 2 static mods and 3 re-rollable mods that give you a small amount of fixed stats (damage +3%, back attack damage +6%, crit rate +3%, etc) or a higher amount of conditional stats (increases specialization by +80 for 4 seconds after a critical hit, when falling under 30% hp your battle recovery items are more effective, when attacking a monster under 80% hp gain a damage buff, etc.)

This slot doesn’t seem as relevant as the numbers are very small, but if you get 5 good mods the compound effect sounds like it could be quite a nice bonus - so this is yet another thing to ‘chase’.

(Also I didn’t mention but I’m sure this goes without saying that you can pick and choose which of the 5 ‘substats’ (Specialization, Crit, Swiftness, etc) to focus on in every piece of gear)