There are no more robots

I am very grateful to ROX and A Ma Shun for their recent updates! The picture system is very effective in preventing BOTS and RMT players. I have not seen any robots in my server. I believe this game will get better and better. This It is one of the best games in STEAM.

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just wait a day or 2 till they updated their bots

There are still many, go to hotsprings in Starsand Beach and you’ll see them there.

Just now #nomorerobots


Like seen on the picture. Still plenty of bots around even tho the game is down to just over 50K concurrent players.

AGS WILL have to do something other than ban bots after the dmg has been done. Next express event giving out free power passes will again bring the numbers up. At LEAST connect the power passes to a subscription to prevent crazy numbers.

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They are prob doing weekly ban waves now or at least did a ban wave with this witcher collab update.

Bot farms will most likely develop a script/program to bypass the picture system eventually and RMT players prob have no issue with it since they’re usually playing themselves.

As long as AGS/SG doesn’t prevent/target bot farms ability to freely create new bot accounts, bots will continue to come back even if for a moment bots have disappeared/concurrent player has dropped.

i wouldnt be surprised if they banned 80-90% of bots relative to a month ago, but even getting that many means that roughly half of concurrent players on avg are bots.

they get rid of bots so far.
Back with this topic in 1–4 weeks, so you are going to see a difference.
You really think this will prevent Chinese booters from avoiding this soft and making more money. Yea it’s a bit harder but not impossible, they will back, not that high numbers, but they will.