There are serious issues with our client (not a support post)

Hello Everyone!

I made this post so people who have similar issues can spread the word and hopefully we’ll all have a better experience, because either our client is completely ruined (especially since the latest patches) or EAC is hindering our systems big time.

As you can clearly see on the video there are huge frame drops and the game is struggling to stay above 70fps on low-mid settings (capped at 100fps for somewhat better frames) and on the RU client there are no issues and the game runs with 120+ fps without any issues even on maxed out graphics.

I did all troubleshooting and stuff, changing graphics in-game, Nvidia settings, clean boot, mouse poll rate, even reinstalling Windows and the game itself etc. I also contacted the AGS support, and I have a case in progress, but it’s been a week without any follow-up response.

I hope this reaches AGS and eventually Smilegate so this can be resolved as soon as possible.



sounds rough

hopefully someone has encountered the issue as well and has found a solution

I also contacted the AGS support, and I have a case in progress, but it’s been a week without any follow-up response

i’d suggest you bump up your request

Our client is a frankenstein build that was created to allow mixing old stuff with new stuff on our region which is probably the cause of that, the other regions client build have followed it seem KR client building.


We have a mishmash of a build + EAC.All other builds don’t have EAC which is know to cause all kinds of stuff from ctd/freezes/micro suttters to fps issues.

Support cant and wont do anything because the issue is currently ingrained in the game.


My friends and I have also been having similar problems since the newest patch. I’ve tried the same troubleshooting stuff you’ve tried and nothing fixed the lagging and disconnecting. I have everything on low settings and changed the chat settings so it doesn’t spam. After that, still no change in performance. I seriously hope they fix this problem in the upcoming patch before they release clown raid.

its the engine
Unreal 3 is notoriously known as a bad engine for open world games and especially MMOs

Which DirectX setting are you using? The game seems to run much faster on 11 and it elimanted a lot of other issues for me.

I’m running on DIrectX 12

Our build is just clownfiesta. It eats up resources and fatigues the CPU like no other game of similar ‘requirements’.

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It’s on DX11

Also I contacted the support once again and this was their response:

So I guess the best we can do at this point is wait and hope they’ll fix the game

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That makes no sense because the initial post shows a huge disparity in performance between our client and the RU client unless you are suggesting that Smilegate rebuilt the entire game on a new engine just for RU

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Did they use EAC in RU?


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I don´t know if it is EAC or not but our version runs bad compared to the others 100%. I have all chat disabled to avoid frame drops and stutter (which is insane this happens in an MMO) and I had to tweak NVIDIA control panel up and down to improve the experience.

Playing Shadowhunter in chaos dungeon with the chat enabled i get 100 fps drops. No joke.

SG are extremely incompetent engineers. They only implemented DX 11 last winter, still running UE3, backend does not scale in the cloud (that’s why we got two regions in NA and two regions in EU), terrible loading times even on the KR client without EAC etc.

Even the KR client is crap, why would you expect ours to be any better?

I mean don’t you see the difference between the videos? They are on the same hardware 1 runs smooth with maxed out settings, the other is complete trash.

Loading times are too slow. I would not consider a game like LA running below 100 FPS as smooth. If you want to see how a well optimized game runs on high end hardware look at Doom Eternal.