There are too many servers and regions and in some the game is unplayable because of that

Korea has approximately same amount of players as all of the Steam / Amazon players combined, However they have only 8 servers in one region in total.

The game feels balanced around these KR numbers and not around the dilluted player pool in the west.

Many islands like Spida are not possible to complete anymore even on the more populated EUC or NAE servers. If you didn’t do all your horizontal progression in the early days when Argos or Valtan were the latest content, you are screwed.

And don’t get me started on EUW where raiding and buying accesories is barely possible. Slowly NAW and SA are declining into EUW numbers as well.

Also not being able to play with friends (mostly NAE and NAW problem) sucks as well.

Given all the server and region restrictions, Lost Ark doesn’t even feel like an MMO.

I know there are several posts from CMs that say “the tech is being looked into”, but you better hurry up. Losing some players to the fuckups like false bans is one thing, but there are many players who will keep playing as long as they can - but unfortunately due to these server and region issues they may not be able to play.

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