There has to be some sort of punishment for abusing the pack duplicate bug

It cannot be left unpunished, people will continue to abuse and use exploits if there is no punishment. On KR servers people are afraid of loosing their account and characters when they use exploits or bugs to their advantage.
If Amazon leave it like this and just says “bug is fixed, don’t worry”, they show that they have no clue of looking just a few steps into the foreseeable future and what will happen if they leave it as this.

There are thousands of people with 10+ platinum skins, a skin which was advertised as “Exclusive to Platinum Founders”. The skin is actually sellable on the Auction House, another fuck up, which in combination with the duplicate bug now leads to worthless Platinum Skins and everybody will be able to buy them for a few gold. Spent 100$ for that? Well, get fucked because everyone is going to have one for each class without spending anything.

It needs to be punished and it needs to be done immediately. Delete ALL Founder Pack skins and mounts from characters and Auction House and send out all packs again, one per buyer. AND make the skins untradeable.

This way you will solve the issue of dupes AND the issue of people who redeemed their pack on the wrong server.
This will lead to people have twice the amount of silver and aura, but this is a tiny problem compared to the mess we have now. This is Day 2/3, it’s not too late, but it will be tomorrow.

Don’t give the control to the exploiters, ban every account who redeemed it more than 5 times.

you didnt get any dupes am i right?

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Nah and I don’t care for people getting it twice, happy for them. People who logged on and off for hours to redeem 50+ packs are what I am talking about. Platinum Founder buyers will get mad when it hits the “news”.

Any duplicates should be deleted and gold gotten from selling dupes should be removed as well. Abuse of exploits should not be a controversial topic. We all want a healthy player economy and stuff like this is exactly how it can contribute to turning into a dumpster fire.