There is no reason for the other knowledge transfers to be so expensive


The knowledge transfer to Vern gives you all main quests until Vern and a 302 iLVL gear. It costs 600 gold.

The other regions knowledge transfers are the same difficulty and lenghts (+,-) meaning that you just go through them on autopilot for 1-2-3 hours. The knowledge transfer gets more expensive and you get only the main quests done for it.

It’s really not worth it. They take the same amount of time and they are much more pricey. Has no logic…

600 Gold = Save time + receive 302 iLVL gear
1000 Gold (after you reach iLVL 460 on your own) = Save time
1400 Gold (after you reach iLVL 600 on your own) = Save time
1600 Gold (after you reach iLVL 960 on your own) = Save time

You literally save about the equal amount of time and you pay more and more.

Also, you pay 600, then +400 added on the 600 for Rohendel, +400 added on the previous total for Yorn and then +200 Gold added to the previous total for Feiton, for no reason.

Am I the only one that thinks this has no logic?

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Your paying for convenience

that’s not he OPs question

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this is literally why people are botting and buying botted gold. stupid bullshit like this thats a money sink for no reason whatsoever in a game where money is hard to get. Its horrible game design

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They should just make us like Korea and let us start in tier 3. They say they want us to catch up but don’t give us the same tools. No amount of special events will add up to simply creating a character and the game opening in Punika.

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