There is no way the bots problem will be fixed

At least without a tremendous work from Amazon.

Blizzard have fought those for years and still didn’t succeed and Wow bots were just farming materials, bots in Lost ark farm everything, chaos dungeons, reputations and even chaos portals, this is just too much to handle.

Yep, thats why i didnt invest a single penny into this sinking ship




Where do you see that they’re not working on the issue?

They have communicated that they are working on the problem multiple times.

Bot makers have had years to create bots on the korean and ru servers.

Well… “Working on the issue” solves nothing and we are already a month after the release. The amount of bots is so atrocious that in some areas you have multiple channels and no single living soul around, just bots doing bot things. I don’t have numbers, it’s just my speculation but I wouldn’t be shocked if the number of bots was close to the actual number of real players.


There are no bots in Korea because each account requires a national id.

In any case, the bot issue is directly related to the advancement issue in the game. If uou ceeate a game that has the in game currency as the main way to accelerate power progression, you will create a massive demand for bots, because the bots are just providing the currency the developers are selling at a discount.

As long as there is demand like that, there will be bots unless you restrict account creation with verification or id requirements.

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Amazon Games has open positions and would welcome someone that could solve problems like this.

These problems, just like in WOW and many other games take time to resolve.

For all the dumbasses that can’t think, if material price drops where ya’ll getting ur gold from? They should just make chaos dungeon mats roster bound and buff how much mats u get from guardian raid.

A single intern tossed into a low level zone where there’s only a single channel open to ban all the new bots that blatantly hack would do a ton, but these bots just stroll through without issue. Attach an intern to Armen in any of the low level zones and they’d have this problem slowed down dramatically, lol.


I can’t imagine why a good programmer would even consider working for Amazon.

Yeah… And by “time to resolve” you mean “wait till most of the people quit so for most of the bots it won’t be that profitable to stay and then when their number goes down we can pretend that we saved the world”?

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Then maybe the game isn’t for you.

You seem like you’re only here to troll.

Being realistic is trolling since when?

I have to say if an account can bot all the way to t3 and bot enough to make all the investment needed to get to t3, this game’s anti cheat is beyond garbage lol


You’re delusional if you think there aren’t bots in Korea. If Americans can get Korean authentic accounts bots easily can. Korea has bots, it’s just not infested like NA. Stop being delusional

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Seems like they are just banning every legit player, so the bots dont have a market to sell gold too, genious

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There are some ways to make their life a lot harder.

  • We can use roster lvl as a gate to unlock certain mail options
  • Overall adjustments in mail features (like you need to be friend with x player for x time to unlock mailing, friend removal timer so even if they buy gold, it would be a lot easier to track them etc.)
  • Your steam account need to be X time old to unlock certain community features
  • Captcha at character creation
  • Active GMs
  • 2FA

Just few examples. If they mixed all of them boting wouldnt be that massive as it is now.


Those will limit legit new players from having access to the game.

Those can help, but active Gms means more resources and I don’t think that Amazon would invest in this game.

it wont block access to the game for new players, just limit their minor features for some time. Legit players wont care about that change, coz most of them:

  • Have pre-created steam accounts
  • Will continue playing for long time, so early limitations wont be big deal

We are talking about like 2 weeks limitations or so. It would be painfull for bots, I do agree it is somehow double edged sword but if it comes with way less bots, Im okay with that.

Can we take a moment to call out the people who are actually responsible for all these bots?

The poor whales who can’t afford to actually pay for royal crystals. Those people who RMT be it in this game or any other are the fodder in which bots use to sustain themselves. Without those pathetic RMT buyers, bots wouldn’t exist.

If you are anyone you know RMT, slap yourself/them.

Because it’s most profitable for them, sadly.

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