There is still time! the ark pass problem

why not put all content of the 2 paid pass in the firts tiers.

then you can chose to pay for the completion of the ark pass so you can get get the matts and the skins if you whant to. (the price of the second paid tier)

and you can add a diferent an exlusive colour for the skins in the second paid tier so the palyers that paid more can show of.

i think if done this way would by a lot more fair, your company yould gain the same or more, becouse are players that will refuse to buy whit this ridicule price. and you could show that the company care for all its players.

Or just pay for the pass. You already have a free tier, with other events coming while the ark pass is out. Game’s good, pay for some content.


what content are you talking about? matts are not content.

Lol the people that aren’t gonna pay 15$ are not going to pay for anything.

and you consider a skin content? what a joke. d2 give you weapons, skins, emotes, story, dungeons, etc.
for 15e and you are defending this?

if they give something good for 30e sure i would pay. a story ark a new dugeon and raid sure i would pay but pay 15e for matts that as you said you will recive in a free event no. its a joke player like you are destroing this game

Aren’t the wallpaper and pet the only things you’d have to pay for yourself anyway?
I thought the skins were up for blue crystals in the shop.

i think you are wrong i would pay 15 or the 30 if its was fair. but i wont pay for a free event. less than a free event

Ă­n the event they need to create something here they just give you matts and thats it.

I for one am glad ags isn’t listening to you and locking dungeons/ raids behind a paywall but that’s just me ~

The Premium includes the pet, the mount and a bunch of materials, and the rapport chest. Skill tool selection box (purple)

The event is just free matts. Lol Which is what most players want. Sorry that you’re not in the majority. But they can’t please everyone.

If you want the skin for free then buy it with gold. by buying blue crystals on the exchange.

they arent? why move the update for this week? so you want to pay for matts and call that content?

they dont need to lock things behind a pay wall, but if the do for exemple argos alot of player still cant do the boss.
so they make that the players can face in (gears dont matter) and get something to exenge or rewards. a loot of player could face and train and you could get more matts. that is content.
do the same whit voltan or whit the dungeon boss. just show some work.

Keep it up mate! You’re winning this… just dodge and weave, let them punch themselves out and than conter with your recolor idea!

Thats absolutely not different than what you are criticising and something i actually would love to go broke for :smiley:

This guy flip flops so much he isn’t even listing what he wants. Dude just needs to be honest and say that he just wants to complain. I don’t see him complaining about the 35$ omen skin packs lol. Now he’s complaining 30$ is too much for skin pack + honing mats.

I don’t mind complainers but you gotta be consistent on what you want. If you feel that this is a wall then how is the rest of the store not a “wall”. This is the cheapest thing on the store/can pay for.

And he actually didn’t get my sarcasm… Was i not obvious enough? :confused:

Oh come on, just pay the $15, how cheap can you be