There MUST be free transfers - NOW - if character creation is being limited

@Roxx Ok, So i can tell all my rl friends to not play this game as long as some other friends and i can’t transfer. It would be nice to have an estimated timeline to look at. 1 week, 1 month?

P.S.: Thank you for this statement. And don’t take all here personally. It’s a lot frustration out there.

I totally agree, even though cross server is great to have, this is far from “80% of the content” and does not replace the overworld.

are u able / allowed to tell what exactly went wrong?

Will the 60 day lock on names for characters over level 10 be removed so we can delete and create on a new server? Or will the names still be locked?

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not really a fan boy… just dislike people who feel they should get everything handed to them and whine about such small things and turning it into a big deal.
just CREATE a new toon on a new server, and level with them if its that big of a deal. Cause they already said they would allow you to use the packs again on new server.
how is a guild thing huge?
it doesnt effect much in game, besides the guild building stuff which any guild you join will pretty much be able to do the samething.
world events, ok ill give you this one.
if you are worried about maps then you prolly suck at the game anyways.
queueing a party into most things… wtf does this even mean. you mean the dungeons you do while leveling? lol

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The issue with promising free server transfers is that this is a feature Smilegate RPG has to develop and implement – of course we would like the feature, but because it is not currently something that exists for us to use and we cannot commit to it without SGR dev time, so we cannot guarantee a timeline or make a promise for when this will happen


Don’t suppose you would be able to do the pandas a favour and give all the guild early access to the server when it goes live so we can skip the Kaden queue. Lemmie know and ill give you my prime sub!


You’re not a “paying customer”, you bought a pack of optional items. You are not entitled to a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g

That being said, the lock of the servers are unfortunate

We all understand that this takes time. I think it would help a lot if we had a clear answer to this question - “Will there be server transfers in the future?” Yes or No. That helps players make choices. We get that AGS needs Smilegate to make that call but players deserve an answer.

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I understand your point of view, but I think at this point, they are just trying to get the game up, stable, and open to the tidal wave currently waiting.

Truth is, there is no simple solution for this problem that they can implement right this moment. Server transfers would take time to institute and rotate through. Adding new servers, while necessary to alleviate wait times, isn’t going to satisfy the people upset they cant play with their friends.

No matter what solution they provide in the short term, somebody is going to lose their… mind.

I also never experienced a queue on Una even during peak hours some of my friends said the queue was maybe 10-15 minutes.

Thats why I asked without any ETA, just IF at some day it will be a feature.
Thanks for your work btw, communication is pretty good compared to other releases.

not sure you guys actually understand? yes ques suck and are long, however ques eventually go down as people progress through the game and the first wave of people quit. BUT THE BIGGEST THING, people bought this game to play with friends. Not to just see the same game…

free boosts to 50 on new server then. You still lose the collectible progress, but at least you get back 20h+ it took playing the story on the old server.

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Hey Roxx, I’m going off-topic: Thanks for your constant presence in here. It good to see news from a community manager right now, for various topics. The server status page going down had me worried and your messages reassured me. Keep the news coming, I know it’s a big day for you and the team and you probably can’t wait to play either.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

i started on one server and my friends on other…and its not so big problem i did make caracther on other server and playing on both… soon or later hype will comew down and evrything will be ok…ppl are 2 whiny on start of the game…all neeed to chill down

BTW… Gj all IN AGS you are doing great for all that its hapening and with so much players at once with so much demands…and ty for bringing lost ark to eu

I know that you wont have a defined answer but will there be a server transfer and would you know what kind of time frame it will be. People are worried that they will not be any and if their will be with no clear time they will make a choice they will be upset with due to the lack of context of the situation.
Like how I spent “X” amount of hours and got the “X” founders pack but now I don’t know if I should stick to my main account and not play with my group of friends while I wait for the transfer if it exist, or take the lose to ditch my about to play with my friends that I wont know will stick to the game and lose the time and rewards my old account. We just need to know what the plan is so we can make the choice that will be ideal for us.
Of course there will be toxic people commenting but try yore best to ignore those and Godspeed with the launch.

You just speed run the main story, but sure.

I get that you need communication from Smilegate about the possibility of future server transfers, but if there any possibility you could give us an estimated time on how long the servers will be locked for? Nothing super specific, more like if it will be a week, several weeks, months etc. It would help me and I assume a lot of other people decide what to do when the servers come up.

Absolutely correct.

Holy cow is this a massive oversight. Literally every single MMO that relies on servers like this (ie, New World, etc) have already learned that you MUST be prepared to allow server transfers even just days after the launch if you want your servers to be balanced.

Please learn from this and feedback to the devs that it is absolutely crucial that everyone can seamlessly play with their friends in an MMO within days of a launch. Any logistical challenges (server loads, game play layers/channels, etc) that get in the way of that must be solved PRIOR to the launch, not after it.

I have several “on-the-fence” friends that were leaning to trying Lost Ark today that have now completely shutdown the possibility altogether because they now know they cannot start on the same server as the rest of us. And the worst part…I 100% agree with them. Once the hype train dies and the servers open, it’ll be far too late as they’ll already be on the next MMO…and if that one launches right…so will I.

Please, please, please prioritize getting servers open to let new players join their friends. Otherwise, this game will be as forgotten as NW is already in very short order.