There needs to be a system for manual Restoral of tickets/Box loss due to DC's

It’s been months now that this has been an ongoing issue. We have people who are crashing as a gate completes and are unable to get loot or proceed for the week. Its getting to the point where whats the point in playing if you have to gamble if your going to get all your loot/be able to finish with your group

We had a drumbeat where 100% of the people in it got DCed, came back, and we ALL lost the island.

Who the hell is working on this? We need a daily progress report from a developer, not a CM.

Its time for the DEV TEAM to give us status repots.

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Actually due to the insane volume, this is exactly the right type of thing to automate.

There could be improvements about what the system counts as a DC ‘worthy’ of receiving a ticket, and certainly the speed of the tickets but manual grants won’t make a dent for this.

Smilegate should really decouple “disconnect” from being an instant fail though.

Sure network issues are tough, but the main painpoint is the complete loss of effort players experience since the game assumes they quit intentionally and records that against them.