There NEEDS to be a warning that maintenance taking down the servers makes you lose your content lockout

There is ZERO indication this is the case, and apparently according to CMs because the maintenance schedule is posted on the forums you will not receive a re-entry ticket if you lose your entry to due playing until maintenance.

It’s baffling that something could be communicated this badly, cause this large of a problem, and then have a clear solution that doesn’t work because it’s a maintenance which is completely AGS’s fault, when other people can get re-entry tickets for disconnects that are their own fault.

I imagine this issue has affected a TON of players, because this is the first maintenance after Valtan, on a Friday night.

EDIT: Apparently this also happened to people that were in a lobby not even in the actual fight when the servers went down.

EDIT2: More maintenance with less notice caused this for more people, and apparently another CM is saying people will receive entry tickets for losing entry from maintenance? Which is it?

EDIT3: CM is getting info for us on this today.

EDIT4: Roxx replying over here:


They gave out re-entry tickets for 1 maintenance out of like 4 and then went silent.

Basically confirmed this is a bug, but aren’t going to do anything until it’s too late it looks like.


There’s something seriously wrong if players are the ones who are responsible for making sure the maintenance schedule has not been changed due to a hotfix.

It’s not our job to avoid technical problems caused by the game, especially when there is no warning about losing entry to maintenance.

We pay to play your game, not to solve problems for you.


I have spent considerable time and money since the release of this game in anticipation of Legion Raids. It’s Friday night, I am experiencing Valtan Hardmode for the first time, then at no fault of my own… I am locked out of completing Valtan Hardmode because I wasn’t checking the forums for random hotfixes?

Where is it even stated in the forum maintenance schedule that you will be locked out of weekly content if you do not exit the game immediately before maintenance commences?


My group got caught off guard from Mari server issues and the maintenance. We had a static time to try Valtan Normal to blind prog it at 11 PM, and due to server issues, we tried to do it earlier but could only do it at 11:30 due to long queue times. We wanted to get some time to prog and try it… We weren’t aware that if we stayed until it kicked us out, we would not be able to re-enter. For Mari, this is definitely not just a maintenance issue, but also a server issue and if we aren’t getting compensated, this will leave a really bad taste to some of us who were looking forward to blind-progging it.

From how it looks, we barely got to try the fight and now we are kept out. Time we are setting aside today (Saturday) to try and clear it will be for naught as we can’t even attempt it anymore. We didn’t get any loot from it,… This is really demoralizing as someone who just wants to play with their friends. I’m doing Normal Mode as 1445 so I can play with my friends, to learn a new fight together and come up with strategies…


Same thing happened to my group. We’ve had multiple member experience crashing or disconnecting during other abyss raid content and not losing their entry, so we had no reasonable expectation that Valtan would be any different.

Tried to queue in after maintenance and see that we’re locked out. If devs KNOW that maintenance will cost a lockout, they need to 1) change that and 2) explicitly warn people until that change takes place.

Why is the system designed around potentially locking people out before they’ve even cleared, vs when loot has been claimed?


Same here my whole guild raid were trying its best to clear valtan up until the last minute, i usually do not even come to this forum to argue at all. But locking out weekly content because of a out of nowhere maintenance during peak hours, the sole possibility of this happening because of stingy programming is just bad. Just do not be stingy, weekly content is 90% of the reason people play this game, do not make them responsible for a bad programming design, compensate the entry for those who lost it, solve this irrational issue and for gods sake, please just analyze your update maintenance hours, you do not close a road for fixing during peak hour traffic, its just common sense.


I guess they’re still offline too, usually they come back a bit early don’t they? Guess we will have to wait until right up until 7:00 AM Pacific for West servers.

It’s another 3 hour maint that just started…


AGS thinks that the only bridge between them and the players is the Forums. Not all maintenances even get twitted in their Twitter. I mean can’t they see the number of people visiting this website versus the actual number of players in the game? In other games I’ve played, they put a Notice/News window in the login page. Why can’t they make that? I mean information can be delivered faster and more efficient that way. Not everyone checks forums every 15 mins LOL


What? Are you serious?

So 10:00AM Pacific they’ll be back?

This is always my go-to time to get shit done. Fuck.

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The maintenance schedule popped up in the game 2 hours before the game went down and when it went to 1 hour it popped up on the screen to which you had to press ok, so you were given heaps of warning. If you went in after that time, who is at fault?


I agree, there was a warning that the game was going down now people are complaining that the game went down for a hot fix. Like what???

LA players are so entitled pretty sad.


If you saw the maintenance notification in game, and still run content like argos. You knew the risk. You still did it. People are so odd.


Imagine ignoring the maintenance notification for 2 whole hours and then complaining you got locked out because you didnt quit raid out of stubborness.


Not everyone check the msg shown under chat bracket every 15mins especially when a maintenance just over in 4hours.
I wonder when did u see the notification of second maintenance. For me it’s 1min before the server shut down.

Oh well yeah there is a MSG ingame.

But the question in the first place, why the heck it uses your lockout?!
Just use it when u get loot. There is no reason to take it any other time.
That was already weird and dumb when that happened with the Instance Crashes in the first week(s) on EUC after Launch…


Devs always post it in chat window 2hrs ahead of time. They have done this every time. It remains until maintenance. They even have large text that pops up right in your face. You know like when god talks to you. did you ignore god?

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LMAOOO wtf is this reply. We were mid raid, nobody has time to check a little blue line in the bottom of the screen… No maintenance has been like that before.


The fact that there was no WARNING that our entry count would be consumed if we stayed in the raid while maintenance was occurring. We were very close from killing it on our last attempt, we stayed in the raid to tell everyone to come back the next day and finish the kill. we logged in today to see our entry count exceeded. Should be shaming the devs about not warning people in instances that they will LOSE their entry if they stay in the raid while maintenance goes down.


This is actually insane that there is no warning that server maintenance will consume entry. My group were so excited to come back after having to stop due to Hotfixes. * Fixed an issue causing the “/Dance” command to not work when sent in chat. I LOST MY WEEK RUN FOR THIS??!?! There needs to be more communication that being in the dungeon while a maintenance will happen will eat your entry. This is unacceptable, this is 2022 with a community that communicates about their wants and needs. We can do better then this.