There's a massive server issue going on (Error G0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT)

This happened twice today, I’ve never had a single network issue since game launched. Based on what I’m reading in forums, there’s tons of people facing the same problem since today.
In instancied content, massive lag spikes start happening randomly shortly after you start playing, then it comes back to normal for a few seconds then another lag spike is triggered (between 6k and 40k+ ms), then d/c with G0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT error message.

It started happening today so there’s something wrong with the servers (Mokoko in my case). Could you please escalate this ASAP? @Roxx @Seawolf @TrevzorFTW

Having the same problem. Sadly it seems like support took the day off today. I haven’t seen a single acknowledgment of any of today’s posts raising this issue.

I’m experiencing the problem since yesterday night on the EU central Spectrum server
Got the error message several time and you can’t do anything else than press"ok" and it closes the game.
It happens after major lags issues, moving from 16ms to up + 500 and more.

This problem is happening on several servers (USA, EU C or W), this has to be fixed fast as it’s a game breaking issue.