There's a Treasure Map Stuck in my Bag. Since at least 2 weeks


There’s a Treasure Map, Epic, Stuck in my Bag. Since at least 2 weeks.
That one from Port Krona.

I can’t throw it away or Sell. Or do anything with it.

Can someone help me?
South America Server.

Best Regards,

If It’s the Tooki Treasure Map that ask you to find the Glass Tooki in Port Krona then go to Tooki Island afterwards.

Once you complete the missions you can throw it away or stash it as souvenirs

I already completed the quest and can’t throw it away. Actually, i think that i received it again and now i can’t do the quest again or throw it away.

Weirs, I threw mine away though… I think

or maybe I stow it away in my storage, I’ll have to check

Ok, Still waiting for anyone who could help me.

Best Regards

Can Aynone help me here? :sleepy: :cold_face:

Did someone help you out @Duzar ?

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Hi there, akumaoshi!

Are you having the same issue as Duzar?

Hi!!, no i am not… i was trying to asking him… cause didnt see anyone answer him, i just want to explain Duzar.

But still… just in case do you know where is that map dropped?
cause my friend never get it and she already have 6 characters… never dropped…
Thank you!

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Hi, i still want to solve it.
But right now, i don’t have the game installed. I’m doing a lot of work.
But you can explain me here and as soon as i install it, i could solve it.

Best Regards!

ok… i found a web that explain that very well… is a good page and is better than me explain it LOL