These 2 Changes to Brel Hard Will Improve the Game

Gate 2: The Crosshair above 1 players head and above 3 orbs that need to be grouped together (pushed by attacking them) and then hit by the laser. If any orb is missed this leads to a raid wipe. Change it so if any orb is missed the player with the crosshair above their head dies. This mechanic randomly chooses a player so you can’t assign one of your confident players to handle it. This leads to otherwise wonderful attempts turning into a wipe instantly leading to a buzz kill for 7 other players doing nothing wrong. Nothing else on Gate 1 or 2 needs to be changed. This mechanic is the issue 100%.

Gate 3: The “shapes” mechanic is the issue. Right now if a “stars” player does anything but exactly kill the 3 stars they are assigned to 4+ total players will die. This leads to a raid wipe. Change it so that if the stars player fails it is only them who dies (assuming the 3 other players “linked” to them succeed their shapes). This mech is too far into the fight and relys on 1 players success to keep the raid going. 90% of the fails on this gate on on this specific issue. Gate 4 is fine.

I have not done G5-6 on Hard as I know it will be terrible and I don’t want that in my life. I have Phantom Legion Commander title btw (10 kills on Brel Normal).

These 2 specific mechanics lead to Brelshaza going from a enjoyable. rewarding and satisfying experience into a unsatisfying, day-ruining, and awful experience. These are the types of mechanics that lead to players quitting the game.

If these mechanics are changed this will increase the profit for SG and AGS. No one whales because of these mechanics. These mechanics are just as big of a problem in high ilvl groups. People quit because of these mechanics. This is bad for your profit.

Two words for you: git gud. Want to change the whole raid to suit you. Might as well flock off to a different game that suits your needs? Monster Hunter maybe? I actually love the fact that LA raids are super punishing and you need everyone on their game. No place for complacency