These Few NPCs make my game stutter

Butcher Arre / variations

Tarsila world boss/variations

High Heretic Priest / medrick monastery boss

Guardian Eoth


Ganarlok? - bird boss from chaos dungeons/tower

Consistent with people in the thread on reddit: Hard Performance issues and freeze frames since patch : lostarkgame

This has been an issue since the update on May 19th

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happens to me aswell it is a realy awfull issue, it makes my client crash from time to time and make me loos Boss RUsh tickets.

why is this getting completly ignored from AGS? no post i have seen so far…

i saw something with korean voice packs.

would be nice to hear official…

Workaround provided on my thread. Seems to be related to Korean VO . Haven’t tried the fix myself.

Constant stutter after Valtan Update - Bugs and Localization Feedback / Bugs and Localization Feedback - Lost Ark Forums (

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thank you very much =)

Thanks for the fix!

Thank you for providing a workaround for this issue! However I’ll report this problem over to the development team for further review.

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