These forums need to be updated

Going into a forum where there are a wall of posts of different languages does not create inclusivity or show diversity. Its confusing to try and find posts. Why not break down each sub area on the forums into language sections… This would make the forums more user friendly.



You probably don’t realize this if you only speak english but those strangely named subsections of the main forums are actually … different languages!
If you only want to see the english posts just stick to the english section ~

Also if you’re confused and never used a forum before, you should have a notification from a bot that’s trying to teach you how to use them ^^

When I click on the main NEWS section… What part of this is english? I’m trying to find patch notes for this week… The way this site is setup is not user friendly.

Could you please be a little more condescending?

Also, I always browse the English general discussion forums and I regularly see Russian/Spanish posts.