These nerfs are worrisome

Let me preface this by saying I agree that early content should be accessible for people to try and dip their toes into what awaits them later on. The recent nerfs set a really worrying precedent for the game that I hope AGS keeps in check. The same people that refused to learn, adapt and push at the early levels will get into T3 later on, wipe to Brelshaza and other raids for a couple of hours and demand nerfs. This is how it goes in every MMORPG.

It would be great if @Roxx could confirm that this content will be left untouched. It’d be a shame if this was altered because of bunch that do not want to put in effort.


I support you. However as someone said they want people to get through the content and not cater it for the hardcore ( people with brain that can execute one mechanic ) players

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I would not say it should be limited to Tier 3.

Sure, Tier 1 and Tier 2 are easy and can be skipped. However, it would suck for people (aptly geared with 460 gs) to want to clear Hildebrandt only to find out they’re now only allowed to clear a scuffed version of the fight instead of the original that everyone hyped up.

i agree but if u didnt know the t3 raids have been nerfed before too in korea

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Video has minor spoiler Cutscenes

Can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen when we have argos and legion raid update. When this many people wants to skip all challenging contents. Don’t know if there will be group with pugs can kill the boss.


they probably won’t be around by then. They will quit thanks to the low honing chance