They are doing it AGAIN! EUW server new Log in Rewards

Hi, I’ve been playing the game since the 3 day pre-launch and let me tell you it have been fun and awful. If you dont wanna read all this i have a TLDR at the bottom of this post. Apologize for any incorrect spelling.

I waited with all my twitch drops and founderpacket boxes until I knew what server me and my friends would play on. During this time i leveled up 1 account to 50 on Zinnervale but then switched to Sirius beacuse of big queue times and also made a character that got up to T2 and some of my friends also got as far.

Yesterday we all decided to start and play on the new EU West server since it should not have the same LAG or Queue times like the EU Centreral server. Not only that, it had some really good Log in event rewards that would make it worth our time to make a new account there go through the whole grind again.

We all claimed our twitch drops and our founders / beginner packets. Today when we log in the whole “Log in event” have now changed to something completly different. The 3 day Crystalline aura is gone and also the 500 crystal log in reward at day 6 is gone…

I did some research and found out that the reason this change happen was beacuse people was “exploiting” and creating accounts to claim the aura for their whole steam account.
This little “exploit” costed us all to begin over, for basicly no real good reason.
Even if you want to call this “an exploit”, the 14 day crystalline would be the Least they could do for when the crystalline in game would disappear randomly for the whole day.

I’m baffled how this company succeeds, again and again to screw people over. We ALL literally waited for so LONG to not claim anything and when it seems to be “all green lights”, they swoop in and does it again…

Me and my friends decided to stay on EU west Server after playing over 200+ hours on different servers. We Claimed all our twitch drops / founders, etc…
Now the log in event reward have changed, which was a big reason we all switched servers.
What the actual F*ck…

Don’t make the same misstakes we did… They seem to always find away to screw you over in the end…



EUC loses days of Crystalline Aura = I sleep
People getting free Crystalline Aura = REAL SHIT

Edit: You’re welcome L0rienas


They should make cosmetic items (like pets and mounts) fully account-wide.

Most people are complaining because they already got their founder packs, twitch drops, etc. and they don’t want to leave behind those stuffs.
Account-wide mounts and pets would solve this problem.


I would change in a heartbeat if this was the case.

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Kind of supposed they don’t do this tbh. It would probably enable people to spend more to get a complete collection too if they knew everything purchases was shared across every character and server.

But at the same time it would hurt the cross region markets. You’d be shopping around buying from different regions

After I claimed my first time founders packet i was lucky enough to get a 2nd one like everyone else, so i decided to wait until the verry final moment, aaand this happens. love it

To be honest that it’s really unfair for EUW. Any player that fully migrated to it could at least get a compensation for the 2 weeks already played, 14 days aure it’s nice, but then they decide to hurt even more that region

Also Aura not working more than 1 week? The 14 days it’s just a supply for that time lost

Just change the rewards for region and not account, so Auras are not transferable. They are encouraging people to change regions less and less.

Every decision and approach they make to EU it’s worse everyday. We are treated like second hand users. First not closing crowded servers on launch (still EUC it’s not closed) and now this

But they don’t care. What I know is that I won’t put a euro ingame


yep 100% agree. If they somehow could make it EUW server only I would be down, anything. I can imagine other people switching over for the same reasons as we had and now they also get screwed over… This is getting so frustrating

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So you mean everyone would create a new character on a server just because the mounts are cheaper there? And they would level it up to 50 and farm gold for the mounts? :smiley:
Who would make that effort? In WoW every mount and pet is account-wide between all servers and it doesn’t hurt the market at all, people are still buying them.

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Will never happen in a F2P game, because you cant make much money then.

Do you know, you get the Aura as a item after you receive it from the mail, it will be in your inventory and from there you can activate it or store it.

We only got as far as 2nd day today on the login event sadly… Today would have been 3rd day.

Exactly - I saw it more as a “here is a possible way to get some of that lost aura back from queues/disabled aura” than an exploit… Besides, it was 3 days of people logging into West to claim that “drop” and then they’d be gone…

It’s not like the servers were going to start burning because of it…

There is no reasoning behind it but pure greed from their side - period.

It’s a crappy move and they know it…


After watching some of the other posts… I get this change…

Some may have just used it to get the 14 days… but others were using it to get the 14 days and 500 crystals to spend on another 30 days (44 days) on each server, resulting in 50 weeks of free auras…

I get this change when the exploiting is so massive…

TBH I just want 14 days for free :stuck_out_tongue:

with a little bit more effort you get another 8 month

Yeah I get it too.

I get I lost 130 hours 1060 main.

With Founders Packs.
Twitch Drops
Golds from Pack & Crystals.

Si I can finally play normally, with friends.
For what?
For getting scammed with rewards.
With Low Cost Founders Packs.
With no Twitch Drops.
With 500 Crystals en 14 Aura gone, with STILL NO COMMUNICATION.
And the worst. These rats who just log for getting rewards.
They didn’t do anything except create queue on EUC and made us lose our rewards on EUW.
And AGS agree with this.

Poor game.

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I see the complainers are arriving again, I will just put this post as well on mute

Indeed. They did tweet out that they are changing the log in rewards, but they did not tell the community the REASON why they would change it.
This lack in communication will slowly be the games downfall…

Another Loss for Europe and a Loss for EUW.

They really don’t want people switching servers or people getting anything good do they ?
I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s obvious it should be fixed - but removed entirely punishing those that didn’t even get the “correct” one ?.. wow.

Same here.I play since Head Start on Asta,claimed my Platin Pack and used my 7000 Royal Crystals tu buy Mounts,Outfits,Blue Crystals Packs.
This Monday Asta was back to 16500 queue so i switched to EUW.
I claimed the 50% Version of my Platin Pack there
and start playing without queue+matchmaking problems.
Now 5h before i can claim my first 3 day reward they change it to useless stuff.
10 blue engraving books are woth 500 blue crystals?Rofl.