They are highly active

multiboxing is everywhere.


good maybe they’ll start printing gold again


using multiboxing to get a lot of 1370s then doing buses,easy money since everything can be bussing

yeah whats the problem with that?

double prices of crystals,trash relic accessories selling 50k,there’re much more than i think.

all of my good relics are still under 50k so idk what trash relics you’re talking about. jewelry and books weren’t the items most inflated from the bots anyway

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specialization +490,swiftness+498,Igniter +3,precise dagger+5 necklace selling 96k

high quality 3 class 5 other “decent” engraving neck and you’re surprised its 96k? 3/5 class is always expensive bud and especially a neck even if its a niche engraving like precise dagger and shit like spec swift

only a retard would even be searching for that though with intent to use it

dagger is not the first option for Igniter,also swiftnees

dagger isn’t first option for like 99% of the classes and 96k for a 3/5 class neck with high quality is cheap as hell anyway. high quality 3/5 crit/spec with a real 5 l’d pay 150k on the spot just to resell it

even Igniter+5 and a decent engraving+3 with high quality specialization+crit was just selling 100k a month ago

thats because no one goes igniter 5 so its not even the same item. 5 class on a class that runs level 3 is useless and effectively an igniter 3 accessory. 3 igniter + 5 decent a month ago was easily 150-200k

Hahahaha I never thought to see someone defending bots rofl


Multi boxing is against the tos right ? You know they should be banned. I know they should be banned. We all know they should be banned.

Meanwhile AGS:

Of course this is when bots go crazy because its the time no bans go out until they are back in the office next week.


Nah, the 100k players we have on steam are 100% real players.

Fake news :disguised_face:

Yep its also when they turn loose their automated system to the fullest to ban stuff. as i was banned on the weekend. unbanned monday an then re-banned within 3 minutes on the same day by the same flag that got me banned before that was overruled and then ignored for the rest of the week.

actually they’re not bots ,theres no third-party software involved either.
i dont even think they’re noticed by any anti-cheat.

why do you think the price of blue crystals went to the moon. they stopped banning bots. now everyones RMTing again