(They changed the text) Punika Growth Support pack now gives 25 less Great Honour Leapstones for the same price

If you think about it for a second, it was probably released because the original planned date of the June update was the 16th, and they forgot to remove the release of the growth pack when they delayed everything else.

Not surprised. However it’s probably not even worth it anymore with how cheap materials are getting. Still scummy

most likely

It’s still worth it, just less. And you can only buy 1 of them which is just bizarre. Are they trying to make the game “not-p2w” or some shit? The game is literally built to be p2w. You can’t escape that lol.

What they are doing is just harming their own profits and fucking over small-spenders.

The real issue to me is that only some people were actually able to buy the first (and better) pack three times because of Amazon’s screw-up. Everyone should have a chance to buy that original version so at least it’s fair to all players, and if they want to have this updated version of the support pack with fewer items in subsequent months, so be it.


knew they are going to tamper with it, called for it to be re-released unchanged since then

Who even is the target audience of that support pack?

I guess they are trying to reach a wider audience by limiting it to only once per roster.

They want to send to message, “Hey it’s just 15 euros for these nice honing things, come get it :D”

A product that was launched and able to be nabbed by the select few who don’t have other responsibilities outside this game to be on 24/7

Hilarious, posters all defended it saying it’ll be back. Surprise it is back but with far less value. I guess too many people bought it too quickly so AGS/SG figured they could make more money by selling less.

It just seems to me like a quick product to add to the store with no ‘‘real value’’ to make a quick buck since there’s no other real reason to use te shop, no skins, no new classes (character slot expansion) no whales buying crystal for mats since they’re done for a while,etc.

Please consider not giving them money anymore

Im confused… Where does it give 25 less?

This is the original which has 50 selectable GHL available to the player.
And the info on the one coming with the update clearly says x25 and still 2 chests?

1370+ ofc

Maybe he means the 25 less you get from the cut from 3 to 2 packages. kekl

We get 2 packages? isnt it 1 per month? lol

Tbh there is so much missinformation i have no clue what i actually get

I stand correct by myself, this wording implies once forever. As this is the exact wording used by all vendors with 1 time purchases.

Ah, they changed it last minute.

That one used to not say x2. When the patch notes originally came out it was just 1 chest.

True i remember now.
I was a bit suprised back then when i read it gives only 25.