They got 2 weeks to fix game or gg

This game literally lost 80% of its player base in less than 2 months lmfao


If the roadmap isn’t ready then the roadmap isn’t ready. Would a roadmap for the roadmap make you happier?

You can also quit now and stop being toxic in forums.


Yes. I am dying for every crumbs of it, you have no idea. I think about it every night.

From my understanding, it’s a forum. I can post whatever I want. But sure, I’ll quit because you advised me to, because I’m the “toxic” one here.

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And who are you to determine that?

If you guys thought, this game will hold 1 million players, then you guys are were delusional.

Not normal to lose this much in such a short time either. This has mostly to do with their decisions. Never said it would hold 1 mil players.

It’s pretty normal. It was hyped, people tested it and left.

It’s a grindy ass mmo that’s not a popular genre nowadays

And how many players you expected a game like this to keep?

Everything above 100k daily is amazing.

And how many of those are bots

A realistic number on the end are like 20k - 40k because the game style isn’t a wester friendly thing, but it isn’t a western game so it is normal

And how many of those 1mil+ were bots?

Ok you got me there

You have to realize this is an extremely unfriendly game because it takes a lot of commitment. Everything above 100k is huge.

lots of copium in this thread

if the game is dying it’s dying, there’s no if or but or whatever else you wanna sniff. Look at New World.

but yeah sure pretend like it’s fine until it dies instead of actually advocating for meaningful changes that might save the game and make it a great game we all like to play

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Find me a game that keeps the same number of players for 2 or 3 months+. With or without bots.

I’ll wait.

You can’t. Because every game loses 75% after a month when the casuals and flavor of the month people quit. Every game. Every time. It’s not worth worrying about the 75% who quit, because they always would have, and always will.



The numbers are going to get more down, because most people don’t have the mindset for the korean upgrade system for a long time but this is ok. 20k -40k i think is the number of player on the end

20-40k with bots lmfao

I personally disagree, using the steamcharts to determine how many players have quit the game isn’t a good metric, as people are logging in and out of the game constantly. Just because the game isn’t reaching massive peaks like it was during the hype period doesn’t mean it’s going to crash, burn and die. The roadmap probably isn’t too far away and I would rather wait and have a well fleshed out roadmap rather than a rushed one with little information about whats to come. If you aren’t enjoying the game, I recommend taking a break and coming back when maybe things are a little more friendly toward your play style. The game isn’t forcing you to be here, you are.