They keep Spitting in Players faces with that RNG in 1302 GEar

You guys keep doing it ! Spitting on hard grinders faces like its nothing with your RNG System.
its just hard to get to T3 if you arent even able to get the full 1302 Gear in one Day , why you do this Lost ark DEVS WHY ?

How can someone be that upset only because he didnt get a full T3 in one day?! I had to wait three days till I got all parts of it.
People nowadays -.-


i got mine in 1 day but thats because i had rested bonus. meaning by the time i reached the t3 chaos i had 1 rested bonus. maybe this might increase the odds for you because the moment my bonus ran out, i barely got any drops

you think its just one day okay then think again i typed one day bc it should be in one day.
im trying too since 3 days and this is inaccepteble.
idk what theyre trying with this system and its just frustrating and you lose a lot of time of grinding further in T3 when you dont get it in one day. Thats my Point of View and i wont change my point of view about this

Grats dude , Really congrats man wish i had the same luck :frowning:

im just saying try to miss a day and stack up on rested bonus. you significantly get more stuff out of it than without. it might help with your case

It was 3 on my Sorc but Sharpshooter did it first day.

I personally don’t see anything wrong with the system (and didnt even when it happened on my sorc) but understand the frustration all the same.

You’ll get it

okay i will man thanks for the advise <3

it was just hard grind to T3 anyways i just dont understand why they have to do it harder since you cant buy the T3 gear but yes it is what it is :confused:

There are gear changes in T3 that make it unfeasible for the 1302 gear to be tradable with respect to how it interacts with the depleted gear. 1302 gear isn’t tradable in other versions of the game either, and while missing 1 or 2 pieces for a day is a little annoying it’s hardly “spitting in players faces”.

My main got it’s set after a single chaos dungeon, my first alt through T3 finished it’s set on the 4th chaos dungeon, on it’s second day.

It’s not the end of the world, and when you phrase your argument like this, it’s so inflammatory it hurts your credibility going forward.

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Sure its not the end of the world yes but as i say to someone before it just pushes you back again a little and you cant to the guardian raids or something else bc everything is based on the ilvl 1302
and yea since 3 days im missing 2 pieces of my full set soo im feeling soo hard spitted in my face i maybe overacting with this post but i hope somehow the Devs would care a bit more about Players

It’s whining like this that gets the game nerfed into oblivion.

So not playing the game is the solution to wanting to play the game and progress. Genius design.