They REMOVED Sasha Affection what next?

Wow I can’t believe they removed Sasha affection an actual piece of content… what is next? They gonna censor Vykas too? Put a shirt on her? I just spent 50e on the nerias war robe and surely wish I could take it back now. WAY TO RUIN BIG UPDATE, the mood and the day is completly ruined now…
NOTE: Old post, It was confirmed that the removal of affection was a bug. thank god :slight_smile:


are you sure of this?


yeah its true.

Friend told me they removed it so this post is based on that. Might not be an actual fact but idk why he would say something like that without certaintly

It’s definitely been removed, but it’s up in the air whether that was a bug or intentional. Most of them aren’t at work yet so I don’t think we’ll get an answer yet but there’s probably going to be hell if they don’t give one within the next 24 hours.

img from other thread,

~this will be fixed, it was a bug~


if it’s not a bug, i straight up quit this game. They gonna ruin big update with this shi*t I sure hope it’s a bug.

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They’ll turn anything suggestive, sexy or controversial into Moguros. You’ve heard it here first.

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@Roxx @Shadow_Fox
Can we get some info here. This is a big deal, part of the content is not avaible anymore.

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New world all over again

guess we removing female foes, we have history of genderswapping like poison cuz cant hit women

I dont know if it me but Shadow_Fox has been quiet for a while compared Roxx.

last post was…interesting, so i can see why.

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If this happens to be intended change and not a bug, I will seriously consider dropping this game as it tells us everything about the direction AGS is going. They aren’t afraid to implement censorship.


+1. This isn’t exactly an acceptable level of censorship


I will definitely quit if this is the case.

I’m hoping this is a bug. I was hoping it was just visual within the alt+n UI, but I went to Stern and…


I’m actually going to agree with you here shock

The problem here is if this is intended, it just shows you that nothing is sacred in the game anymore and can be changed without warning or even reasoning
I dont understand their reasoning, so hope its a bug

If not welcome to New world II