They REMOVED Sasha Affection what next?

People care too much about cinematics you can watch on youtube

it was a very specific bug i would say! we will never know, important thing is that they got the message.

i mean… if they didnt want it in the game they woud remove it from the start no? :thinking:
i love how people make conspiracy about everything :smiley:

and yes bugs tend to be specific

3/4 of this post was deleted, because I understand that reportedly this was simply a “bug” that cut the content out of the game. but I am posting it anyway… knock the stupid censorship crap out preferably before it starts, no one wants that. maybe there is a purple haired anti-male obese teenager somewhere who doesn’t actually have an interest in playing the game, but Sasha is a strong independent woman who can clearly make her own decisions. there was nothing wrong with this cut scene. not even peripherally

conspiracy lol. After their excellent communication? Why would a player now doubt everything they say or not say? Well, it’s their fault omitting to mention things, changing patch notes and stuff. But you will get a medal from AGS for being loyal and never doubting lol

yea bro i told you it’s a bug (which it is) and not targeted censorship hence im whiteknight… gatcha :innocent:

Just Roxxx said its a bug, you can take her word for granted or just be doubtfull as i am and some others. I am not conspirationist but I just dont trust a bad company like AGS, for obvious reasons. And they pop up with a message only after hours that the forum was overwhelmed with messages from the players complaining about it. The only affectionate rapport in game with a little bit risqué ending. What a chance. Anyway no problem, you are free to believe whatever AGS says. I will live with my doubts.

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Yeah… this was brought up around the beta / early access gap and Roxx specifically said this content wouldn’t be cut when asked about these exact events ingame.

I’m honestly not surprised, and if you think this was accidental I have bad news. They know better than you and know what is best. I’ll believe in when I see it, but track records matter and this isn’t a good look.

(They also claim ignorance about community wanting API when we asked for it before any alpha/beta, so… you know.)

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Any answer we get can be assumed a lie for all intents and purposes. Sucks we can’t trust the people who we are supposed to be able to trust. PR in a nutshell though…

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This is a bug, and the dev team has already found a fix in the code because as it is similar to the previous bug that occurred in Beta where the affection ranks for Sasha were MIA. Sometimes bugs can resurface across builds, unfortunately, but we should ideally have this fixed in the next downtime.


Thank you Roxx, I’m trying to be hopeful and I realize it’s not a CSR thing.

Quality post. A+

Nice! Ty for the update. Good to know I haven’t been hoarding relics for potential future npc affection rep in vain.

CMs already stated that this was a bug.


If this was directed at me, I apologize if my post sounded disingenuous. I was replying to the CM to thank them for the update.

No, it was directed at the OP.

Oh good. I was worried I’d mixed up my words again.

Thank you Roxx,

I had the final affection quest with Ealyn in my quest log and i finished it today. Will i get the reward after the fix? Being the queen’s knight is already cool but the rewards are pretty good 2 :slight_smile: