They should have released tons of skins and glamour

Everyone wants to feel connected to their character and be unique… but only putting out two skins, no one can feel this way so they will never feel as connected to their character as they should be able to, and the one this hurts the most is the game developer… it makes no sense to limit skins because it only helps you to give people more choice in their appearance and aesthetic.


what they want is making profit not charities bro

Kinda weird this is your take… because no one’s asking for charity, you completely missed every point of my post.

agree with you fashion and glamor is very important in a good mmo im bored to death that my chars look the same since release … I just think it’s great when every character in the game is unique like in ffxiv that makes the game much more interestin

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Absolutely! WOW and FFXIV are definitely better in this regard.

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i know that lost ark in korea is very fashion-heavy there are also a lot of skins and options but i don’t understand why ags is screwing it down either

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makes no sense you can only make money by giving us the opportunity to buy skins and do a charity… think about it my friend

They are losing money by betting on a long term plan to drip feed players.

Sometimes this can work but due to factors such as the RNG systems of the game and amazon’s terrible leadership and incompetence, it wont go as they plan.
lost ark as a game itself will not mesh with a good portion of the western playerbase. western gamers have less tolerance for pay 2 win type games than eastern gamers. a game that is based on honing to progress will tire many players and people will gradually quit as time goes on.

amazon’s management of the game is another important factor to retaining the playerbase. so far, they have done an abysmal job, making changes where it was not needed and spending resources on these useless changes when they should be improving more important things.
they clearly dont understand how to run a game on a professional level.
-the patch notes are a complete mess and reads vague and unclear when people want detailed information down to the very numbers.
-they have many bugs that didnt exist on the KR server that they take forever to fix. (how many maintenances to fix a timer?)
-they are slow to communicate and dont give satisfying clear answers to anything (“we are listening to ur feedback and collecting data”)
-they dont understand their own game. when you see replies by CMs you can tell they dont really play it and this game isnt their passion

all of these factors added up makes players frustrated and lose confidence in the western version of Lost Ark which leads to breaks and eventually quitting.

Amazon is not very smart because adding good skins early on is an investment. When players feel attachment to their characters and invest more, they are more likely to to stay and play the game.
By drip feeding the unwanted skins first, they are making it easier for players to quit their game early on since most players haven’t invested a ton of money (minus the whales).
The start is very important to a game’s success and proving to your customers that you are consistent and reliable is super important.

If they had sold good skins early on, many of that 1mil+ audience wouldve bought it and stayed in this game for much longer. Everyday they waste a grand opportunity but they think they’re being smart.



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