They should make materials drop in pvp so people would play more and have more fun

They should make materials drop in pvp so people would play more and have more fun.

I am not against the idea but let’s not pretend it’s going to be fun for those who don’t enjoy PvP.

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The pvp vendor give huge mats at 4° limit

I don’t know what you are asking for. You want mats to fly out of players when you kill them in arenas?

You can already turn in coins of courage for mats and you will get more depending on your current rank, so it is worth playing to continue ranking up.

It works like the guild stone vendor.

It also sells honing extras

Extra items are opened up at higher ranks. I am at Supreme 7 right now, so if I go up next week I can buy them all!

I usually do enough PvP to clear out this vendor and still have coins leftover.
You don’t even have to be good at it. You can legit just play the game and get participation reward coins. You get coins for games, and you get a bunch of coins end of week depending on the rank you reached.

What are you asking for that is not already there?

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Pvp grind is the most fun grind in the game

Yeah, it is!
I do my “chores” (chaos, guardian, daily, etc.) and then arena until I log off.
I always choose the PvP guild quests, so I get massive amounts of courage coins and bloodstones to buy out the vendors every week.

I wish the pvp guild missions worked for team elimination. My favorite thing on this game is to achieve those AS by wiping the entire team by my own.

I am busy to do more than my daily things but i can at least have the 1° and 4° pvp vendor tiers unlockes