They stole my 3 cube tickets

This wonderful game of yours, they dropped me during a Run in the cube and now I’m out of my 3 tickets that I used

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Welcome to the Lost Ark forum community and I’m sorry to hear you lost your tickets.

I’ve moved this to the support section so our support team can look into this for you.

Hello @lKensun

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We apologize you had issues while doing the Cube and lost the tickets after being dropped as you explained.

Please know that since it’s been only a couple of hours since you’ve gotten disconnected from the dungeon, you have to wait the estimated time of maximum 24 hours, because all eligible and proven disconnected (by the game server) players will automatically receive their additional entry within these 24 hours, so please, wait the estimated time in order to receive the additional entry if eligible.

If your game crashed only on your end, unfortunately, you’d have to wait normally for a new ticket to be granted for next week’s clear.

Additionally our team is aware of this and they are working to resolve this.
Please refer to this Official News Page for more future updates regarding this topic :

Thank you for the patience while we work on this , enjoy your week.

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Seems i have a problem related today i make a party for kakul i start the party and only me alone apears inside the dungeon and 5 seconds i come back out in bern alone and off the partys and with no tickets to do no more kakul this seems like some player in my party stole my ticket because im not disconected from the server. Can someone check this situation?

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Greetings @megasisexc

Thank you for your post on our Forums (◕‿◕)

Welcome to our Community.
I apologize you’re having issues loosing the ticket entry for the Dungeon.

Can you please clarify this questions in order to assist you:

1- I understand you think the player that was in your party stole your ticket ?
2- Looks you entered to the Dungeon with a Party but when you entered it was only your character showing in the Dungeon, and then you left and leaved the party I am correct ?

3- Since you confirmed the server is not disconnecting you , do you saw any error codes while experiencing this issue ?

Please also try this steps to discard it’s a visual bug and let me know to continue to assist you :

  1. Close Lost Ark completely
  2. Close Steam
  3. Run Steam as administrator
  4. Check the game files on Steam
  5. Open Lost Ark.

I’ll be waiting for your answer don’t hesitate to tag me. @Eulah

Enjoy your adventure :snowflake:

Hi thx to help me. so all correct except the part i dont leave the dungeon by me the game kick me in about 5 sec i came back to bern in the place i was but out off the partys menu and always online and ticket missed. So i already do the steps you ask me and i have the same problem in the integrity off the files say 1 file miss is go to be reaquired. Sry for my bad english .
No any error notes i notice. not even in easy mode I can enter but in the easy menu shows i have ticket but cant start partys says ticket miss.
I don’t accuse the player of stealing but I say maybe can be


I’m sorry for that @megasisexc , we can’t grant tickets to players or sent them manually since this is handled by an automatic system.
Please wait since our team is already working on this, also you can check this Official News post about the Missing Re-Entry Tickets to have more updates about this topic:

Thank you for your patience.

I’ll enjoy this topic to ask a question, if possible.

Doesn’t this game have a mechanic that if we disconnect while doing any game content like Cube, Boss Rush, Chaos Dungeon, Abyss, Legions, Guardians, we have like 5 minutes to reconnect before being expelled from it? Cause i remember being diisconnected and connecting back inside those content, but just now i was doing boss rush, got disconnect, connect back right after 1min, and was already out of it.

Hello @EasleyRR,

Thank you for your question regarding re-entering the run quickly after being disconnected. Even though this may work from time to time, there is no specific mechanic in place that would ensure that.

This is a pretty good idea though, so I remind you that you can share your thoughts and feelings in the Feedback section of the forums or you can also submit your valuable feedback by filing a web ticket here.

Hope this helps and see you in Arkesia! :wolf: