They want to release 1 class every 2 months or there will be a content drought

I guess Lost Ark in Korea is completely dead with no content and zero players left playing the game because they got no class releases every two months.

Guess that’s why they have more players than us.



They took the time to build up their community and focus not on “RAIDS RAIDS RAIDS GOGOGO”, but also on social interactions, and standing/talking around with cool skins.

Unlike NA/EU, where we only just play at maximum efficiency, only alts and raids. Doesn’t help that everyone looks like shit with the pathetic skins lineup, and half the players you see are RMTers or bots.


It would be much better for them to hook players with 6-12 really good months to have them invested in game.

Instead of trying to stretch things out pissing off players over long time.
Even if we catch up to Korea like we supposed to do the “drought” then is something we just get later while a lot of players are unhappy on the way there too.

Who said they have more players than us?

Whilst standing around in Korea, you literally have 57 different channels. In EUC, you’ll see 10 max.

KR had the game since launch with a lot of dedicated people who stuck with it since the beginning. They are much more invested in the games growth.

NA had half a copy of LA dropped on them with the promise of stuff you know already exists to be given to you over time. Far less of the NA audience has that attachment to growing along with the game that KR had and players are more frustrated at things being withheld from them.

Also there is no excitement or mystery for NA LA. The next year at least is spelled out for us as we see what KR has. We will not have a unique boss fight that there aren’t a dozen guides pre-written for. We are playing catch up and in an MMO without any mystery or exciting new content, people get bored and they get bored quick.

Plus you know, the economy is wrecked and most of the player base is bots or banned for RMT.

Take WoW for example. There are players still playing who started at launch. Through it all, all the garbage patches and terrible expansions, poorly designed systems and losing any trust with the Blizzard IP, these players are still there as dedicated members of the game.

Pick WoW Retail up and drop it on a region of players who have never played it before and explain that they are going to get bits and pieces of the whole game spread out to them over time see how many find that same level of attachment.


Yep.When you know you’re playing a lesser version of the game and you see the koreans playing with classes and raids we don’t have it tends to make ppl resentful/not care as much for the game.

Also I don’t know about you but im seeing alot of ppl in the 1485+ range (which is brelshaza zone) and we don’t even have the clown yet.(Alot of people in my guild are 1485+ too)

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I’m F2P, never spent more than the Ark Pass+ for the game and even I am sitting at almost 1500 with a multitude of alts between 1415 - 1460. My account is pretty close to ready to sit until almost 2023 and I know how each day is going to play out until then since it’s a very repetitive and mundane content loop, even for MMO standards.

My motivation to keep going is pretty limited to say the least, I log in each day and do my rotation out of habit. Even the legion raids which I do consider to be pretty fun have become mundane, one and done experiences that leave a lot of the week open.

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Most of my 1480+ friends barely doing guardian/chaos dungeons anymore and some of them are getting pissed of about the quality system on weapon xD One guy spent like a 100k gold and has yet to get a weapon over 50% quality.

Weapon quality on relics is no joke either.From 50% to 100% there’s like a 15% difference in damage.That’s a whole lv3 damage engraving.It’s a shame quality on gear has no pity.

“ib4 you want easy high quality weps” I already have a high quality wep but seeing my friends mald over it is also sad to see and I fear they will quit because of it.

NA is just managed poorly overall.

-We get constant nerfs because of bots. Rapport nerf. 3 day gold hold for selling skins. 3 day gold hold for blue crystal exchange which sent the exchange rate to the moon.

-Those bandaid fixes never get permanent solutions so they’re never reverted. Our game just gets worse compared to other regions because of bots

-Despite us getting screwed due to bots, they still don’t punish RMT. Temporary ban is not a proper punishment. They’re going to lose legitimate players and spenders because of their lax stance on bots. I saw someone RMT, use majority of their gold and get banned for a month. There’s nothing to do this month, a lot of my friends are on a break until kuku. RMTer basically got a paid vacation

Don’t use this F2P tag when you have paid for something in the game. Not sure why so many people insist on using this tag when they are not F2P. If you spent 1 single dime on this game, you are NOT free to play. So many people think it’s a badge of honor if they call themself F2P when they are not.

so under that logic if you buy a character slot you are not F2P?

it is cause of comparing F2P vs P2W.

You understand the argument between a F2P and a P2W player is the only thing winning here is the company.

There is nothing but a arguement pitted between two communities where the company makes the money and none of the players win shit.

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You would be correct. F2P means you don’t spend money. You walk into a room with $100 and when you leave that room you still have $100. Pretty easy concept here. You spend money you are not free to play. Not sure why everyone wants to be F2P, I just don’t see the attraction. FYI… I am not F2P. :\

Yes. I fall under that category and have only purchased 1 character slot. I am no longer f2p through this as i do have a benefit from the character slot.

you paid to win.

how does it feel to p2w?

acutally great. you should try it too :smile: