Thin black bars on Ultrawide?

I am not sure if this was there before but i just noticed it now, there are thin black bars on both sides? i just noticed today, so i am not sure if it has always been like that on ULTRA WIDE 21:9 monitors or this just happened now post patch?

It’s even worse on a 32:9 monitor, I wish they would better utilize the space, as I understand that if they gave more of a perspective it would either be a disadvantage (zoomed in) or an advantage in PvP.

Making the change for a PvE so it’ll be a better experience, and then black bars, or being able to move mini map, quest logs, health bars for party into that unused space would be nice.

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but is this new? or was it after latest patch? becaues i swear i have never noticed it for the past 2 months or so, just yesterday…

I’ve always had it. It sucks and I wish they’d optimize it but I’m aware I’m in the minority, 1st world problems ya know lol

awwwwwww shikes… welp… too bad for us on 21:9 and too bad for you 32:9 … i bought an ultrawide monitor specially for LOST ARK 2 months ago and just noticed the black bars yesterday somehow…

you may want to check all of your settings, as 21:9 is the best resolution to be playing Lost Ark in.

I don’t see any black bars on this image for instance.

its really thin like the image i posted at the beginning of the thread.
yeah, will recheck my settings, should be all good though, but will recheck.

I think there’s an option in settings for a different aspect ratio. I remember clicking it and realizing that was too wide for my screen.
Apparently its recommended to use it.

yeh, thats only if your screen is not by default 21:9, my screen is by default 21:9 3440x1440, thanks either way