Things people missed about Yoz jar

If you have a lot of money and want to buy the legendary skins, you would spam the boxes to get them. In this process you would probably open a lot of random skin pieces, some of which aren’t available to buy anymore in the shop at that point, along with ones that still are.

You would then either dump these skins on the market making them accessible to free to play players and lower the price floor of all the other skins that are still being sold, or you would dismantle them for fabric.

You would also buy up skins from the marketplace to grind them down into fabric. What this does? It makes people price their skins lower so they can sell them faster.

By removing this mechanic, the players who are against it are directly the ones losing out, by still having to deal with growing cosmetic prices and also not getting the legendary skins altogether.

It’s a lose situation for everyone after you think about how the jar actually affects the market. We aren’t “winners” for getting rid of a predatory system. What we did is remove the best way for limited skins to still be available, and for their prices to be cheaper, while also not getting the legendary skins themselves. I can’t see a single good point about this.

The people that were susceptible to predatory designs were already going all out on spending money on honing – this was not even a single drop in an ocean. Instead it’s a drained up river that would have otherwise brought the riches of cosmetic juice to everyone for a cheaper price.


good that we removed, hope it never comes back, maybe they will just put the skins into the store like regualr just a bit more pricy


Other thing people missed that price of Chaos Dugeon skin boxes were going to increase since now you can dismantle the skins.


Misses the point of what the jar does for the economy of cosmetics. It provides a steady inflow of new skins of both limited and normal kind, which is a positive thing if you’re a free to play player.

I think the best they could have done across every server is add a guaranteed amount of opens in which a skin piece drops. That’s a staple of modern gachas and would fix the main problem people have with these systems. It would certainly be preferable over not having the skins at all and also losing out on cheaper skins and their inflow to the market.

That was possible? Everything I’ve seen/heard is that the only skins you could dismantle for cloth were RC skins. So BC, Rapport shop, Chaos Dungeon and Amethyst skins were not eligible.


In what way does making skins useful for dismantling… reduce the price? That doesn’t sound logical to me.

I still think it being removed is a good thing, I don’t think lootboxes are good game design period.


That’s not the main part, it is the fact that there are more skins on the market due to more boxes being opened that will create lower pricing for the skins. It’s a cycle.

Only lower prices on those particular skins, much like chaos skins are cheap cause no one wants them lol.

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Chaos Dungeon skins don’t dismantle for cloth.

But even if they did that…whales will capitalize on it regardless?

Whales will be able to afford the price regardless…

Whales get the full sets regardless…

Whales buy multiple and toss on auction for insane gold and wins gold regardless…

So what’s the difference between gamba and no gamba when whales can manipulate it and win?


dunno if that was the case then it would be the same even now, yet no1 is doing it and prices are normal
also keep in mind they probably gonna add a crystal option not just real money
thats one of the reasons why whales cant just crash the market, and as long as they do that whales wont be able to do that with skins either

Justifying a shitty system because of how AGS/SG decides to drip skins and create artificial scarcity, doesn’t make the system good. It means they removed a shitty system without addressing the underlying issues. It’s simply one shitty system on top of a shitty practice.


Keep the costume salvage concept to retain value for cash shop skins. We don’t have to have the jar, but the salvage adds value to all costumes. Salvaging into dyes or other cosmetic related items would work really well


Yes, but in this case look how many skins that means

And people that are opening boxes would still want them for their fabric, along with people that like cosmetics and don’t want to pay real money.

Its not like current skins are that expensive anyway, most of the purple are pretty damn cheap.

Nah it’s good what they did, take ur gacha system elsewhere, pal!


Don’t think it’s that black and white. You could have all skins available at all times for the same prices, but that doesn’t mean there would be a lot of them in the shop or that they would be cheap.

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You say that but you gamble on honing every day