Things people missed about Yoz jar

Just let it go man, it’s gone and the game is a better place for it.

You can only say that because we never had anything in the first place, so not getting something at this point doesn’t even make a dent in your emotions as a player.

I was really wanting some of the epic skins that came with the jar as they were skins of the abyss dungeon armor sets but looks like we won’t be seeing them ever. Instead of removing they coulda just made the legendary skin give 1% and it woulda been a middle ground.

There are plenty of ways they could have made the system better. But I think SG would not allow it to be drastically different from KR so they just opted to not give it to us altogether. KR players would throw a fit you’ve never seen before if we got them for purchase in the store.

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No I say that because no game is made better by including Gacha/Loot Boxes. They are a shitty system in general across any game that employs them and they do not bring a single positive thing to the players themselves, only the companies who make money off people overspending. For every 1 whale that blows it’s load on the system there are 10,000 normal working joe’s who overspend on them when they shouldn’t.

The mentality of it’s your own fault for being susceptible is what keeps these companies in business making bad games to sell you Loot boxes. If you desperately need to run some rolls, go play Genshin Impact.

The best decision AGS/SG have made to date is deciding against releasing the Yoz Jar. Disagree with me all you like, the decision has been made and it was the right decision. Let it die and go back to demanding your class be released sooner.

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People have formed their belief around the 100k number that was floating around, which was based on the previous seasons yoz jar which was no longer attainable. No new info will make them change their minds.

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anyone mind directing me to an updated post that we were getting “loot boxes” with this upcoming update? their recent post states the problem is about having “extra stats” on skins and not about the gambling aspect of the jar itself. or am i just confused as to what the community wants?

Lol sure buddy, sure.

False, if you read the post carefully, they’ve did the research and

data and feedback suggested they would fetch very high Gold prices

What you’ve written is pure speculation while what AGS has done is real data research, probably using data from other regions.

At this juncture, I would trust AGS’s data than your speculation.

yeah, they would be about 10k a piece

platinum outfits are currently fetching 20-40k a piece depending on for which class

maybe we should remove those to

I doubt it’ll be that cheap. If you’ve read posts about Yoz’s Jar drop rate previously, it’s really low.

About $500 to gather the full set. Expect gold prices to reflect the same. At current market price, $500 is roughly equivalent to 160k gold.

Roughly 30k per piece once it’s been a few weeks and if players aren’t trying to gouge f2p players. I would expect first few days to be 50-70k per piece instead.

go check the market? at least on EUC the dress from wardrobe sells for 800-1k gold

the shorts with the shoes sell for 400-1k gold

do they make a profit? no? do the buy and sell anyway? yeah

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I don’t know why you keep comparing with platinum skins. It makes no sense.

It’s more sensible to compare the average costs of getting the full set of Yoz’s Jar skin and then using the total cost and convert it to gold using current gold exchange price.

Nobody is going to price legendary skin based on how much platinum skin costs.

im not comparing to platinum skins now?

im not ingame so i cant check but how many royal crystals does the shorts with the shoes from nerias wardrobe cost? 1k? 1.4k? and the yellow dress? the same?

does 1k-1.4k royal crystals or how much they now cost fetch you 400-1k gold on the gold Exchange? or more?

my assumption is, more. So why do they sell so low?

Hmm… I’m not in-game as well and I can’t check the price. Will have a look when I’m home.

yeah at least on my datacenter, these items go for that little, as someone who bought pages of costumes the past 2 weeks aswell as outfits for my upcomming arcana xD

point is, skins dont sell for a straight i spent this many royal crystals on it and the roya crystal to gold value is this

it sells way cheaper ._.

You can’t overspend without going broke. I’d say most people know how much they can spend on something, you should not project the experience of someone who suffers from severe addiction and other issues to someone that just plays the game and spends a reasonable amount they can afford to.

You don’t have any authority to decide who is overspending and who isn’t, so saying most people overspend is just something you made up at this point.

It IS your own fault if you can’t handle not going broke on literal pixels in a video game. I won’t play Genshin, the game is boring, but their rolling system is literally perfect as far as gachas go, so I find it weird that people like you are trying to take shots at these games while spending every day grinding for honing, which is literally worse rates than any of these games. And that’s the entire point of the game too.

You should take a look at yourself first before you try to change the world for others.

I will disagree with you, because I like the skins and a lot of people also did, and because of people like you having an aneurysm at the word lootbox now we’ll never see them on the West.

You would trust AGS data, the same one that makes them not release classes or skins? Okay.

everyone losing their mind because of the word box and skin… but you get something guaranteed when you roll the jar, you can spend a million gold on relic gear quality and never get say 98+, and that’s a huge difference of gain from the 1% main stat an avatar gives. but the complainers only care about changing this one?

gems? engraving books? all much more than 1% gain too, why is this different?

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Yoz jar and legendary skin requires someone to pay money to get a chance at a legendary skin.

Edit: Also I believe most of the complaints were about the lootbox aspect, not the increase in stats.