Things that can really help against bots (FTP game)

Good morning community,
Since the game is Free to Play, the most efficient measures will always affect the players to some extent.

I leave several points that can help against bots:

  1. Block the trade of all new players for “x” time (bot companies will not be waiting 1 month without making a profit, think about it.)

  2. Block trade: by seniority on steam

  3. Mobile authentication

  4. Put a value to enter the game (like 15 usd, that they give you a silver package for example)

  5. Constant massive bans (every day)

  6. Encourage purchases within the game, with different packages of materials, etc.

PD: Please @Roxx, @Centeotl don’t let this great game die


  1. If the bots aren’t caught and banned, then bots would just stockpile all the gold/materials to be transferred over once the trade/AH/mailing becomes available.

  2. This has to be a collaboration with Steam and is more unlikely to happen. We have already seen the $5 dollar method verification they did with Steam, but clearly that really wasn’t effective.

  3. They have long already mention they cannot do authentication methods.

  4. Anybody can use other b2p games as an example where bots would still exist in the game at a moderate/large scale.

  5. This doesn’t solve the fundamental issue at all. It’s like trying to put out a forest fire with a cup of water.

  6. Ineffective as the bot side of things will have cheaper package deals to always be more competitive.

They just have to redevelop their registration process and have either operators to manually filter through new applicants to see who is a human vs bot or an automated system that is intelligent enough to do so.


Your negativity scares me, first of all, no bot lasts 1 month without getting banned. and the rest of the point I don’t have to answer but hey, good luck!

and bot companies will not be waiting 1 month without making a profit, think about it.

Stop being idealistic and be more realistic of the current circumstances.

If you haven’t been here for the past two months or so, then clearly you would know that everything you proposed has already been proposed and ignored mostly.

If bots have been for 2-3 months now and the amount of gold they were selling per item jumped from 100,000gold, then suddenly jumped to 1,000,000 ++ gold, then you should really question how that was even possible if you want to stand by the perspective that no bot lasts 1 month/bot companies will not be waiting 1 month.

In lost ark the bots from minute 1 of creation are already generating profit, first of all it is free access, even if they get 100 or 1000 gold they are already earning money, what you say does not make sense… they are earning gold because there are thousands of bots, 1000 bots generating 1000 gold each, well there you go. (and they generate much more than 1000)

Yeah, it’s free access, but I am specifically talking about how suddenly they were selling their services via items by pricing them all at 100,000 gold for a very long time, then suddenly they are able to sell 1,000,000 gold at one time.

This basically means that they have long-term bots that haven’t been caught yet which further reinforces their idea that they can continually wait over 1 month and more to make more profits because they’re thinking long term and clearly grasp the current situation/capabilities of what AGS/SG can and cannot do.

Even before a bot is created, they’re already earning money due to the current registration system. If they redeveloped that, then this would fundamentally start to resolve the issue or at the bare minimum get the situation under control.

No, it means what the images / videos have shown, thousands of bots generating 2-3k each, they pass it to a separate account and there you have thousands of gold in days.

If you acknowledge that each bot is capable of making 2-3k in a day and that they’re capable of passing around the gold, then what is the point of a 1 month block of trade?

They could just mail or use auction house to pass the gold to the bots that have not been detected thus far despite it being passed 1 month. You say trade, but don’t specifically say covers mail/auction house.

Lastly, you are ignorant if you think bot companies will not be waiting 1 month. Atm, they wouldn’t even have to wait for 1 month and that will be the case for a while until AGS/SG resorts to extreme measures to handle the situation and not your soft-ineffective proposals that have been ignored.

Plenty of people on forums before you have proposed the exact same things, but they have all been ignored mostly. If you want to argue some of them have already been somehow implemented or are in development, then sure, but once again it’s all ineffective. You even state yourself that the most efficient measures will affect players to some extent. Players should compromise and accept that if that’s the case as long as it’s clearly effective and efficient. Considering less efficient/effective measures is not what the game needs right now. It needs extreme efficient measures to solve the fundamental issue which is how easy it’s to make a new account.

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Put a nice box in the market then remove it ?

the moment your insult arrives, I’ll just block you, good luck!

Ok snowflake <3

just hire game masters problem solved lol, why hurt the player experience? this isnt on us

Change Una Tokens already. Give something out that isn’t gold. Put the Gold into Abyss raids (Argos) and Valtan. Bots can’t run those. The major problems are Una and that Bots pressing Gold out from nothing. This causes inflation and is harming the market.

Una is the major problem we currently have.

AGS will not spend the money on GMs. With no account creation measures in place, it would be a never ending grind.

Well actually, bots have a damage hack if you haven’t seen that already soo they could potentially do Argos and Valtan with that damage hack exploit.

a never ending grind like ban waves once every couple months you mean? i agree they wont spend the money but that doesnt mean im gonna shut up about it haha. its the easiest solution imo

even if that were true about valtan and argos (which it is not) theyd just bot rapport or infinite chaos again. there’s got to be measures taken that don’t harm the players experience but actually do something

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Except they can do ban waves without paying a team of GMs. I appreciate the persistence but I think we will never have ingame GMs in Lost Ark.

all these posts are useless as AGS/SG aren’t willing to put effort/resources to fight bots or ban rmt.