Think I Found Where AGS Could Start With Bot Banning

You have found the ladybug train!

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Tempted to quit the game for good, AGS has done literally NOTHING to curb account creation for bots. That lack of commitment to the game is quite telling that this game might not be worth it in the long run…

I personally believe they definitely tried, I think it may be harder than you think. But I could be wrong maybe not much effort has been put in :confused:

I don’t think it’s all their fault, it’s a F2P game and unless you’re in KR with social security number requirement you’re going to get spammed with bots. Even in KR there’s bots who steal SSIDs, so I mean it’s hard to really counter them.

They’re still not permabanning people from buying from those bots, so they’ve basically done nothing about the problem.

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Think I Found Where AGS Could Start With Bot Banning

Could definitely start with the players buying the gold. The moment that enough players are in abject fear of buying gold, the companies stop making gold and it doesn’t matter how much gold they have…if they cannot unload it.

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Like others have said, theres Goldbuyers who basically feed those botters.
Theres not even a risk those botters are taking because its free to create a steam account and get into lost ark - therefore if you get banned you simply create another account (which is probably automated too)

I’d prefer something between lost ark and steam - something like a launcher where you log in (and verify your identity) seperately but since the game already launched this is impossible to implement.

Btw i had to get rid of my Action Energy and decided to go fishing Lost Ark bot situation - YouTube

Thats the bot situation in starting areas xD


Yes, I can’t say I blame you. I am thinking of doing the same. I see no real desire to get rid of them from Amazon, and the damn “block” list is too small for the hundreds, if not thousands of bots.