Thinking EAC team is to blame

About the DCs that is. Instead of smilegate being talentless for 3 months about patching the issue or Amazon doing something clumsy with the servers. Not like I am defending their many other poor decisions or subpar communication/localization.

Thing is EAC has a long history of both being useless at stopping cheats and about messing up a game. I wouldn’t be surprised if their team are entirely clueless about what to do.

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It looks like they cant pinpoint source of disconnects

In best case scenario its incompetence
In worse its lack of logs to analize and/or they just dont care

On top there are 3 parties involved so pinging that Hot potato between them is common practice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wait, are we saying that EAC, the software which half the time causes LA to fail to launch until I repair EAC (might be after I’ve dc’d, I haven’t checked… but it certainly prevents LA from launching quite often), would be a bit janky? :face_with_monocle:


Well it’s the perfect program for a lazy company like AGS that wants to work as little as possible.

If it was a company that puts its effort into their work, they would have the DCs fixed in 1/2 weeks and bots in 1 month or they would have invested money in developing or using a better anti cheat (like the vac).

More these problems go on, more I keep thinking that those who work at AGS don’t want to work. (Let’s remember that anti-cheat and server management, so bots are also the responsibility of AGS).

Yes, VAC… people have only been cheating in Counter Strike for the past 20 years.

If I were a betting man I would guess that any potential fixes for the DCs are either with EAC or with Smilegate. AGS isn’t going to throw them under the bus even if they knew what is wrong. I just have a hard time with the idea that they don’t have someone they could call regarding this when Amazon runs AWS. :man_shrugging:

Every MMO has bots and have had for as long as most of us can remember. The problem is that LA incentivizes RMT much further then most others so obviously the bots are gonna put in extra effort :man_shrugging:

Smilegate could fix this bot quite easily by making the path to current content easier but we all know that isn’t going to happen.

It’s up to SG/AGS tho to find out the cause of disconnects and i’m sure it shouldn’t be too hard for them to test a build without EAC in place. At the end of the day they are losing players and money, not EAC, so it’s on them to fix the issue and since they are yet to do it after months, it’s either incompetence or a lack of care and the blame is on them regardless.

Still better than EAC and with less/no performance issues

The servers are not the problem.

Every time you disconnect and get booted to character select or even desktop, the servers themselves are still online when you go to log back on. The servers have rarely gone down to be honest. From a broad view of the issue AGS is doing what they were hired to do as Publishers, provide always online stable servers (The software on those servers being unstable is not on them)

The continued problem is EAC and how it interacts with SG along with changes they keep making to try and use EAC to combat the botting problem.

Either EAC and SG cannot come together (which wouldn’t be surprising, KR dev’s trying to schedule meetings with EAC dev’s based out of Finland). Perhaps one side or the other are unwilling to make changes to work with the other.

Another possibility is it isn’t broken at all. Maybe it’s how they are trying to use it to fight the bot issue and it’s overloading the EAC services and causing them to crash and restart.

Either way you want to break it down, after 4+ months if they haven’t solved the issue, it’s not about to get solved anytime soon. If this were a networking issue alone it would have been resolved by now. We might shit on AGS/SG but they aren’t stupid, they do employ capable network engineers that can trace down a disconnect and figure out why.

it’s just that the why isn’t something anyone is willing to fix, be it too costly to rewrite something, to difficult to drop EAC for another anti-cheat or simply SG does not have the developers available to resolve what is being asked to resolve.

We likely will never know the honest truth here.

Look at things another way. Say I spin you up a Server for you to host Valhiem on with all the requires resources on a dedicated connection. You jump on and it plays fine for everyone. Then you add in some anti-cheat software and now every few hours players get a random disconnect with some error related to your anti-cheat software, but you are able to instantly log right back in (because the servers stayed running and online)

Me, the one hosting your server, is not the person you need to talk to because of this issue. You need to talk to the Anti-Cheat and possibly Valhiem developers to resolve that problem, as a server host i cannot do much to help here.


this exact same thing has been raised mulitple times, all the errors are EAC errors or related to EAC errors. So it doesn’t take a genius to work it out that EAC is the problem.

But ya know they went with the cheapest option for the solution… oh wait EAC doesn’t cost anything it’s free-garbage-ware.

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This is what happens when you use fucking third party anti cheats where you have 0 control on it. If you have problems, you cannot fix with your team but you have to contact and wait for a response/fix from another company’s team.

EAC is also free, so imagine the priority you can have If you encounter any problems.


This game deserves better than EAC.

How does EAC stay in business exactly?

All you have to do is look at their website, it’s catered to selling themselves as one of the best anti cheats on the market, showing off some of the leading games on the market at the moment as games they protect. Each and every one of those games has issues with EAC. it’s also Partnered with Epic Games… so there are more red flags being uncovered constantly

But if you were a Board of Directors that had no idea about the previous issues in past games, looking at the website and speak to Sales reps from EAC… you would choose it too…

Also the reason people don’t see cheaters and hackers in KU/RU is because i believe they have very different sign up procedures, where NA/EU are just, you have an account off we go.

Sure but if it’s ‘free’ how do they keep the lights on?

It’s not just some volunteer group, it’s owned by Epic Games.

most constructive response ever in this forum. Thank you <3

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is it really “Free though” it could be free up to a point of concurrent players. How many views the game gets per month ect ect. if it was Truly Free, Almost every game company in the world would use it.

It’s how some major companies that are listed as “Free” and keep the lights on. If a customer is Generating billions of dollars and you’re the reason they keep out the bad guys, wouldn’t you want a slice of the cut? That allows you to be free for the little guys.

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