Thirain - as in, how dare they

OY OK, so they gave us the option of being like "marry me thirain :point_right::point_left: " and not let us go through? The travesty, I invested hundreds of hours in Dragon Age, how dare you dangle character romance that is fun in front of me, Smilegate? The sheer audacity of them types angry emails

@amazon fix this

(mostly joking, 20% not joking)


EXACTLYYYYY lemme marry him :c


I don’t know you but from now on we are friends


Maybe it was originally a possibility, has anyone reading this played KR and would know? I saw some people complaining a few months back that they removed romance options or cutscenes but it could’ve just been nonsense.

I freakin love dragon age so as soon as you had the option to suggest yourself I was like WHUT?!

There are only two actual romance options afaik, both female. I know the game caters a lot to a male audience (and lesbians, I haven’t forgotten you gals), but really? If you plan on fixing it for western audience:

here, this is it, give us thirain ok

@Raspbearies Same, that they would just give that option and not be able to follow through, my heart will never recover


Pretty sure politically Thirain cannot marry you - the adventurer. At least that is the impression I get from the quest line that you help him look for a queen.

The game localization often forgets that characters can be female. Most of the “hey, if you want a girlfriend maybe don’t be a dick” quest referred to my Assassins as “he”.

Seriously though, I love that this game has a bunch of generic fantasy quests all over the place and then drops side quests that try and teach people how to be a decent human being. It’s almost like they know their audience >.>

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@Karamethien You know that just makes it more juicy don’t you. I feel it could easily be done, I mean Amazon has changed a lot for the western audience already. Realistically speaking I know this won’t happen and the forum doesn’t matter, but hey, we can at least complain together

@Baneusprime yeah the default to male for all quests annoyed me and some other female friends too, playing sorceress/bard. Why gender lock shit if you are not gonna fix the dialogue, I wonder, but that’s another can of worms.

Thirain and Nineveh will be the next two characters which get the romance rapport tier in Korea. Will probably take a while till we get that update though.



also you just made my day

Which g skippable character is Thirain again?

The one who stands in the throne room of Luterra castle.

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Turns out it’s not bots lingering in front of Thirain; it’s my fellow thirsty girls.


I dunno. We hold sway in pretty much every continent in Arkesia. We’re basically political gold.

All of them like

And yeah, from that perspective. As a Mage character, also the Successor, friend of all the queens from Vern to Rohendel, liaison for the crazy church, etc. Haven’t found the source from KR roadmap on implementing Thirain 5th level though, sadly, just a few reddit posts from other players :pensive:

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