Thirain rapport quest not showing up


I completed a level of rapport with Thirain and did not receive the related quest. Now, whenever I try to talk to Thirain it says I must complete the rapport quest.

I was already on another quest with Thirain, which might have broken something.
Is it possible to unstuck it somehow ?

Character name : Mirailleur
Server : Kadan / EU central


I have the same issues with him and 3 others NPC …

Me too, I gave a 10,000 points gift and now he is stuck

I have the same problem with Thirain, it says I need to do corresponding rapport quest, but there is no quest at my rapport screen as it is with the NPC I haven’t unlocked. At what level did you guys have this problem? Mine is at Amicable lvl2
Screenshot 2022-02-27 011803