Third Time's the Charm

… but not for AGS.

For the player, to stay away from whatever comes after Lost Ark. While in kindergarten, you know how they say - learn from your own mistakes? The only difference is AGS is a multimillion-dollar company and it’s not in kindergarten anymore.

We the players should learn from our own mistakes. I only spent 15 bucks on this dumpster fire, I can only imagine how people that spent hundreds of dollars on multiple founders packs feel.

After the New World fiasco comes the Lost Ark fiasco. And all your unique snowflakes that defend this in any possible way that you came up within your head, remember this - PUBG had 3 Million concurrent players, and it was/still is hosted on AMAZON Servers, and had 0 connection issues.

As for me, you are on your own on your next fiasco, bruh - good riddance.