This bot spam is getting out of control

They say “mute them and block them” but… they started to level up until they have the ship, not only now they spam in open sea too (before they used to spam just in starting areas…where btw theres a bot invasion with speedhack) but they WHISPER you as soon as you write something in /z
So whats the solution? Disable all whispers like you recommended disabling zone chat? Or maybe finally do some work?


If it’s not possible to stop the bots from being created, at least give the players tools to temp-ban them. Even a simple chat ban for 5 minutes after being reported would clean up tons of space in chat.

Would be ncie if AGS hired tons of Game Masters so we could have chat 100% moderated on all servers.

Here is a post tht @Roxx said about that topic… tldr; it would be veeeery expensive solution

That would create more problems… if you give that power to players what would prevent them from abusing it? you would need more employees to monitor how that feature is being used.

Easy. You ban the players who misuse it. Would take less manpower than having moderators for all the servers. Also even when misused the players would survive not being able to speak for 5 minutes or so.

And how is this solution better than the current report tool we have?

you fill the report, check the “block user” option… boom :boom: problem solved!

why do you want to give players the ability to trolls/grief others, and also add more fuel to the problem

Blocking bots does not stop them from harassing other players in chat. That’s the main problem.

Smaller problem is better than larger one. It would be easier to design protection for real users than banning all the bots quickly by active live support.

Yeah it’s not like AGS could lock servers so they don’t get created untill they find a longterm solution right ? /s

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I have seen worse in other MMO’s. Also the solutions take time to put in place so as to not affect legitimate players inadvertently, not to mention testing and approval. Early days yet.

But it won’t be a small problem… as I said the system will get abused an now CMs/GMs (or whomever is in charge of overseeing the report/temporal-ban system) will have to check yet another type of report… the “I was temp banned from chat for no reason” report…

just look at what have and is happening to NW (some players abusing the report system to get other companies’ members banned to prevent then from doing war events) or people marking comments in NW’s forum as spam when they do not agree with the comment being made… so the comment gets hidden

Being unable to use chat for few minutes may be annoying, but it is a small problem for players while large problem for gold sellers. Like I said, it would be easy to create a protection against targeted abuse. Got blocked? Write an appeal that it was unjust or deal with it. If you appeal the GM checks what you wrote. Were you blocked for selling gold incorrectly? Your account gets white listed to never get blocked again, the person who reported you banned. There could even be restriction that only higher Roster accounts with active Crystalline aura or something could do these short report-blocks. Players have much larger man-power to deal with the bot issues than AGS. There only has to be good enough system set-up in place.

Ok now we are talking… although botters have no problem creating “paying accounts” it would be a bigger deterrent to abuse multiple accounts to harass other players

Yep, this is why it can go south pretty easy… if a lot of players/botters abuse the system then AGS will not have enough resources to deal with it and it will become a bigger problem