This bugs me sooooo much

Has anyone else noticed that EVERY SINGLE CAMERA in the game is backwards? EVERY ONE. They all have the lens facing AWAY from the subject(s) and the film block and view port facing TOWARD the subject. Am I to understand that all of the pictures I’ve taken are of my face too close/some random plant/landscape/etc? PLEASE. IT’S KILLING ME!!!

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Well dwarves can turn back time they can do anything they want to.

I mean, Arthetine has android tech…why isn’t it a modern camera? If they changed them to modern cameras and still had them backwards, I’d be like, ok, it had to be intentional…but this just has to be a lack of exposure to the technology…instead of doing a 3 second google search, they guessed, and it is killing me inside.

They are all about that retro, retro always comes back in style at some point, who knows what’s inside that camera, could be a mokoko or iphone70000 for all we know.